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Laura is shocked to see herself pictured with Prince Yuusuf in the newspaper, along with a headline announcing their passionate affair... especially because she’d simply had a chat with him! The silly mistake has disastrous results when Yuusuf's cousin Talique is sent to the States to get rid of Laura, whom Talique believes to be targeting the family fortune. His plan is to seduce her away from Yuusuf, and then unceremoniously dump her to teach her a lesson... (From “The Sheikh's Secret.”. “Blackmailed into the Prince's Bed” also included).

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I liked this book for various reasons. One was the fact that we get to see both hero and heroine from two different books approach their target with hidden intentions. The sheikh's secret was a good one because if it weren't for the hidden intentions of the hero then it would have been a sweet romance of going out for dinners, hot air ballon rides, and actually spending time with each other before the bed activity. Although, there was something that was really bothering was that the embassy sent a magazine of the heroine and her best friend's fiancee together then sent it to the country where the fiancee lives. If it were me, something doesn't feel right. It's california where a lot of stars and paparazzi magazines reside. If the magazine was going to post two lovers and one lover was engaged, wouldn't they have put a picture of the "cheated" fiancee with them. Not only that, wouldn't the embassy investigated the woman (heroine) in the picture and find out that she was a bodyguard in disguise and that picture would have been one of those 5 second pics. That's what was bugging me. Although, it was very satisfying to see the hero's face when he realized how wrong he was. There was also a little twist that I liked: the heroine's best friend is richer than her fiancee. I get so tired of the whole "man is richer than woman" thing. I liked how the heroine was processing everything from returning the flowers and giving 1/2 pay of expenses(that really hurt the hero) to dressing up in her most fabulous (was hurting both heart and groin there) to see what he lost. I love the heroine's friend who is the fiancee to the hero's cousin. She has spunk and I love it. Then she forgives and I actually do agree because she shows him how special she is but sees that having his family being rude to him hurts him. So, she tells the couple that she has forgiven him and wants him to come to the whole family thing. The ending is very sweet but I feel a little rushed because the hero suddenly asks the heroine to marry him. If I were the heroine, I would have a hero work a little more on dating than asking. That way, some trust can be rebuilt. From blackmailed into the Prince's bed had an interesting introduction where the hero said that he found the woman of his dreams. It makes the reader curious. Although, their relationship was kinda of short starting from knowing each other 5-6 months from the present period. The hero learns that from his sources that the heroine is spy right when he talking to his cousin and after he bought the engagement ring, which really bites. I did also love in the names in the story for being unique but the hero's name: Eduardo sounds more like a spanish or Portuguese name than than middle east one because his cousin's clothing with a turban suggested middle east. The hero goes through the book, finding out that the reason that the heroine did it was because her foster father (kind man) did some bad dealings and the software company wanted her to infiltrate the hero's company in return for their silence. Then we learn that the heroine was accessing information that the rival company didn't need, which leads to more twists. Although, what I found ridiculous was the fact that the hero wants to have sex with the woman who he believes betrayed him. I have never understood that, but I do like that they don't do it. We find out the truth and the hero goes on a wild goose chase. I also like the proposal, where instead of saying, "Marry me" like it's some sort of a command, it's "please marry me". Word of advice, never underestimate the power and politeness of "please". A cute ending, with the reader wanting to read about the cousin next.

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