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Bachelor’s Bargain—When a precious heirloom Merren was planning to sell is stolen, she doesn’t know what she’ll do. She needed the money to pay her brother’s debt and has no other way of raising funds. That is, until the wealthy Jarad offers to help her. But Merren has no idea that the money he’s given her is a contract fee for pretending to be his fake girlfriend! Getting Personal—Benny, a secretary, has been in love with the president of her company for the past five years. But what he desires is a high-society bride so that he can climb the social ladder. Feeling desperate, Benny resorts to extreme measures to get his attention!

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The Bachelor's Bargain has 3 stars: I found it to be alright. There are some ups and downs with our couple in the short novella. The hero makes a legal and safe deal with the heroine to give her $2,000 to pay back her brother's loan (no idea what kind) and she becomes his girlfriend for three months to appease his matchmaking mother. Things start developing well till the heroine finds out the hero give her father (man is greedy, no joke) who first gets angry at the father and brother then gets mad hero for visiting and tell the father and brother not to tell her about the money. Personally, I was a little ticked at the two for relying so much on the heroine when they are perfectly capable of going out and getting a job because they're stressing her out so much to the point she's having nightmares. The heroine confronts the hero and ends their relationship right there. She finally gets help from another family on the whole financial situation. Then the hero comes by and gives her mother's opal ring that was stolen during her mugging and his declaration of love for her. She returns his love with her own and we on a wedding scene. Getting Personal is a 3 stars: Alright and all. The heroine has been in love with the hero/her boss that's the CEO of their company for five stars. Then he drops the bomb about his intent to find a high society wife to elevate him into the social circles. So, he asks the poor heroine to evaluate the potential woman from an ad for him. The man has no idea that it's the heroine who is a woman in the ad and of society but has kept it under wraps because men have only come to her for the family name and not her. The hero has his reasons for wanting a woman of society because he was looked down for being poor. Despite being rich, he wants to feel a part of the high society and a marriage with a woman from that circle will just do it. However, it's clear the man is consciously attracted to the heroine. However, she does reveal her identity to the hero as the ad but he still has no idea that everything was true nor does she correct him. She proposes a marriage but the idea doesn't take off. They end up having a romantic evening and night but it ends when the hero brings up the possibility of the heroine being pregnant and he SHOULD marry her. His words shut her off and she runs into the bathroom about how she doesn't meet the hero's criteria for a wife. After shutting the door, she confesses her feelings and her decision of giving up on the hero and leaving the company. Three months pass and the hero is miserable from losing the heroine. When he hears about the heroine having someone new, he runs to the heroine's place to confess his feelings to her. When he does and as well as propose with the heroine happily accepting both. It was a nice ending with the wedding and the baby.

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