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Greek millionaire Leon Gregoris had been like a brother to Bea Stephen since childhood, and on her eighteenth birthday they got engaged. But only a little while later, she discovered he was unfaithful and she broke it off. Three years have passed since then, and now that Leon has assumed his father’s role as copartner at Stephen & Gregoris, he’s come back for her. Just remembering the humiliation makes Bea angry, but Leon doesn’t care—the first thing he does is kiss her in front of everyone at her twenty-first birthday party!

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editor's comment - October 28th, 2016

l like the expression of the hero, one moment so serious and the next moment so comical. Their bickering is adorable and its funny how hero always manage to mend it with his kiss.

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misunderstanding on the heroine's part 3  3

It was nice romance with how it goes. The hero and heroine are in a big age difference(it's never said) but become engaged with the heroine being nursery rhyme of the cow and the moon but she crashes down when she over hears the hero and his old girlfriend talking about the girlfriend being pregnant and how the hero is using the heroine as a stepping stool to gain control of the whole company, all of this is being said by the girlfriend not the hero. So, the heroine breaks off the engagement with the reasons being she's too young and he's too old. Now, after the three years, the hero comes back to sweep the heroine off her feet. He has her placed in a low position and while she complains, she adapts to the job at hand. Personally, I agree with the hero's decision because it isn't just the education that makes the difference but the experience in the business world. The hero and heroine meet up with the heroine trying to keep the hero away. The heroine tells him why she broke up with him but not the fact that she overheard it. Then the hero gets kidnapped and the heroine finally realizes she's still in love with when the reality of losing him for good becomes real. That spark dies down when she sees a woman stand next to woman and judges him quickly before taking a moment to think who she really is. Then the heroine gets hounded by the press and has the hero help her. He does by telling the press that they're in engaged and whisks her off to Greece. When they're back in Greece, one things leads to another and they have sex with the hero saying they have to get married the next morning because a man should protects what's his ( the hero using his kidnapping as a reference. They spend more time together and then the hero ends the engagement because as he said to the heroine, he wasn't thinking of her feelings when he took her away. Then she gets all upset because he wasn't thinking of her feelings when he ended the engagement. HELLO!! You kept telling him how you didn't want to be married to him and all that, now you're upset because he did what you asked when you were feeling that way and never understood your feelings!!! Then when the hero brings up the possibility of the heroine being pregnant due to the lack of a condom, it's Harlequin reverse blame. The heroine starts accusing the hero of using this as a chance to trap her in marriage and planning it all along. She reveals that she heard the whole thing between the hero and the OW but won't listen to his side. She goes off in a plane with her supervisor and the hero's sweet stepmother who tells her that the OW was lying and the baby's father was a man she worked with and they're a happy family now. The heroine feels like fool for ending the engagement and calling the hero horrible names due to the misunderstanding. She goes back to the hero who's happy as heck to see her and they spend a hot night together. The next morning has the naked hero on a bended knee proposing marriage to the heroine once more and she saying yes.

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