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Blackmailed by a wealthy man named Joseph, Nikki commits to a loveless marriage at the age of nineteen in order to cover her younger brother’s medical expenses. During the one week of freedom she is given before her wedding, she meets Massimo, the man she was meant to be with. Despite everything, she has the happiest time of her life. When she is introduced to her husband’s stepson Massimo at the wedding, she’s shocked both by his appearance there and the hatred in his eyes! Five years later at Joseph’s funeral, she bumps into Massimo once again, who remarks cold-heartedly that his revenge against her husband is over—now it’s her turn.

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Revenge and presumptions 3  3

SPOILER ALERT: When her husband dies, our heroine discovers she is deeply in debt, and it’s all been very deliberately arranged by her husband’s stepson whom she met without knowing – for one lovely week - five years ago. When our hero was a child, the man who would become his stepfather stole his father's fortune, driving him to suicide, and then forced his indebted mother to marry him, driving her to the same end. The son vowed revenge and worked tirelessly for years to see it done. In fact, he was on the verge of succeeding when he ran into the heroine. She was, likewise, being blackmailed to marry the stepfather who hit her with a double whammy - he threatened to reveal what she perceived as a scandalous past and also offered money to cover her brother’s ongoing medical costs which she could no longer afford, Feeling responsible, she was willing to do anything to help her brother, even marry for money, but she managed to beg a week’s reprieve before the wedding to prepare herself. It was on this reprieve she met the hero. He made her last week happy, and she was there to console him when his plan to get buy out his stepfather’s company failed, forcing him to delay his revenge, and they fell in love. He loved her so much, that on the last day of her stay, he purposed, but she – having not even told him WHY she was traveling alone for a week – took her broken heart and disappeared without answering. Imagine their surprise when they are introduced to each other at the reception, and while she continues to love him, he – feeling betrayed - adds her to his revenge list. Five years later, he succeeds. Driving his stepfather into a corner, the hero takes over his stepfather’s company and accepts house, cars, and wife as collateral on a loan. When stepfather dies indebted, just as planned, it’s his gold-digging wife who the hero intends to make pay with her pride and body. She, unable to explain, but still needing money for her brother, agrees. Thus, begins a tragic dance of attraction and despair, desire and heartbreak as both remember what they had through the lens of his hurtful misunderstandings and presumptions. When their attraction ends up physical, and he fails to use protection, its all part of her despicable plan to get pregnant and force him into a commitment. And yet, despite his accusations, when he takes her to Italy, they manage to reclaim a bit of the happiness they lost, up until she discovers she really is pregnant. The accusations fly, and she flees only to get a call from the hospital where her brother is, and so she disappears - empty-handed - from his life again to be with her brother. The hero is upset. Her behavior doesn’t match his gold-digging presumptions of her, and then he reads an article in a newspaper. I’m not sure exactly why there is such an article. Even if it were triggered by her brother’s death, the headline doesn’t make sense, but when he reads it, the hero finally realizes he has her all wrong and knows exactly where to find her. He finds her, begs her forgiveness and listens tearfully as she finally tells her story, and then professes his love with an honest proposal. The heroine pours out her past hurts and then accepts, and we get to see them as a trio in the last panel. I enjoyed the art, but the story seemed rushed. I could also never quite understand why the heroine couldn’t be more upfront about her problems, even if a little vaguely. Still, for a 99 cent rental, it was quite worth the read.

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