Pure Romance JACK'S BABY

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Jack was thrown into deep despair when Nina, the love of his life, suddenly left him eight months ago. The next time he sees her, it is in a maternity hospital! Unable to give up on Nina, Jack is determined to chase after her, even if she comes with a child. However, Nina is unable to trust him and strongly rejects him, knowing his brash temperament and that he hates children. In order to prove his love to an obstinate Nina, Jack begins raising his baby daughter...to prove to her that he loves them both!

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to prove capable 5  5

This one was something I really enjoyed with the characters, the plot, and what it brought up. The hero finds his last lover who he dearly cared for in the hospital and wondering what she doing at a maternity hospital. Now, before she left him, she did ask about babies and his response was that babies are little monsters and he doesn't want them. This is after she found out she was pregnant and tested him, resulting in him failing the test. It takes a conversation with his friends who've recently had a baby for him to deduce that the heroine had his baby. He doesn't want to lose the heroine and decides that he's going to do everything possible to prove he can be a good dad. When the heroine goes back to her room, she is just shocked at seeing the hero there, holding her new baby girl. The heroine puts up the walls and tries to shut the hero out but he doesn't give up. He sends her flowers to her room everyday and food from her favorite restaurants that was good for her health and her breastfeeding. She's not sure whether to trust him because she grew up in a household of parents fighting over her existence like getting an abortion and whose fault. When she heard the hero not wanting kids, she believed their relationship would end up like her parents and she didn't want it. Yet, I don't think she knew that the hero suffered the same kind of childhood of being treated like a burden by his own parents. It would explain his idea of not wanting kids because he doesn't want his kids to suffer like him. I liked the hero working his way to regain the heroine's trust, I mean he has his downs with heroine noting how he doesn't call the baby by her name and calls her kid. Her friend suggests that the heroine leave him with the kid to see if he will fight or flight and if he does fly then she can have nothing to do with him. I say that's pretty reasonable. Plus, I like how the heroine is learning to give the hero time and patience to adjust to the whole thing. The hero passes the first part of the test by making dinner for the heroine before she goes to work in order to give her a chance to give the baby and offers up to take care of the little girl. Good job, hero, good job!! The hero does a great job and our parents commit to a special night. It's also that night where the heroine opens up about her sad past to the hero who opens up about his feelings. It's a good start and ends well with the hero suggesting the heroine and their daughter live together at his place for the weekend. However, the heroine gets sick enough to be sent to the hospital and it leaves the hero to care for the baby for the weekend. Now, the hero is at a loss with a screaming baby and a barking dog but his assistants come in to help with the work. I loved it all, having three men coming together to help a man in caring for his child. I loved the stare contest between the baby and the hero's dog. It just went so well and I was cheering for the three musketeers of baby care. I liked the heart to heart talk between the hero and heroine after she gets better. It's so sweet like their confession of love to each other. I love the ending but I won't reveal because it's too cute to spoil but this is definitely a book worth renting and reading.

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