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Jenny must get married before she turns twenty-seven in order to release the curse on her family. She rushes to Vegas and finds a random guy to have a shotgun wedding with—but some mysterious handsome guy claps handcuffs on him during the ceremony! She begs the bounty hunter, Nick, not to take her last hope away. Baffled that she’d marry a con artist willingly, Nick suddenly finds himself bound up in the curse—bound by marriage!

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rumors into a legend 4  4

The heroine has found herself in a real puzzling situation to where she'll marry a real crook and lie on the hood of a car to keep the bounty hunter from taking him away in order to fulfill the curse that was laid upon by her family. She never believed in it till her grandmother was confined to her bed and blames her. However, I wasn't sure whether to believe it because they don't seem to have any cases of their family women marrying after 27 and after their grandmother's death. I need not also mention that this book was published 1997 and they mention the curse has been going on for a long time but what has been going on for a long time is the age of women marrying is between 16-25 and can't really say if the curse is real. Still, the heroine believes it and makes the hero who's the bounty hunter take responsibility by taking the place of the groom. He resists the pull but goes along later on. What I wanted to do was call the parents (specifically the father because he doesn't look the type to blather) right after the wedding to see how her condition is without informing her of her granddaughter's married status. However, someone blabbed and the minute she heard the marriage was done, she got "better"! Now, we can't disapprove that curse. I mean people are speculating with how she's dancing with the groom of whether she was faking it or not! Now, the hero and heroine are in a one year platonic marriage contract but when they kiss, the heroine gets feels electricity. Apparently, this electricity is another "family"thing that says if you feel the spark then you are with your fated person. Funnily enough, the curse resurfaces in the grandmother when the hero and heroine but not more than a minute after their fight, mom calls to ask if the heroine if she and the hero were fighting because the grandmother is confined to the bed. I almost believed the curse was real till the mom said that the heroine had to be "happily" married. Where was that in earlier context????? You never said that she had to be happily married, you said that she just had to be married. Where do you come up with these because this curse has ben told in the family over and over again that the heroine and mother should know the difference. The two do make up but then the hero's ex-wife coming calling along to make trouble for the hero because I guess she can't stand an ex making eyes at another woman. So, she's throwing herself all over her the hero, leaving the heroine out in the cold. The heroine gets a call that her grandmother's condition is worsening and runs off from the hero who's trying to follow with the ex clinging on. Now is the moment of truth: the grandmother was lying about the curse. I KNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW IT!!!!!!!!! The grandmother turned a bunch of rumors that were created by neighbors about how the women in their family often remaining single into a legend to get the girls hoppin' to the chapel. Once everything is cleared up, the grandmother dies. The hero is with the heroine for the funeral and all. He states that he's happy the curse isn't real but more happy to have met the heroine. The heroine is thankful but she tells the hero to be happy with the ex-wife who the hero states that she's no different from the crook that the heroine almost married. He confesses his love and she returns his love with her own. It's a nice ending with some gaps.

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