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While she’s still grieving her parents’ death, a wealthy man from Spain suddenly shows up in Cleo’s life and claims to be her real family. His name is Dominic Montoya. He’s handsome and arrogant as if he was born to be a ruler, and he says he wants to welcome Cleo, who is the daughter of a promiscuous maid who seduced her master, back into the family. Suppressing her feelings of unease, Cleo accompanies him to a mansion in the Caribbean. What awaits her there is a secret and cruel love story that has long been kept in the dark!

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okay, not the best 3  3

This was not the story that had me floating my boat for a lot of things. One of them was the fact that it wasn't till the end that the heroine danced to the tune of the grandfather, trying to keep him a happy old man like many of the characters. I mean this grandfather was just a pain in my perspective and always seemed to see the most awkward situations between the heroine and hero, and takes his anger and frustrations out on the hero. What I couldn't believe is that he didn't think for a second that the heroine, the illegitimate granddaughter of his son and the maid wouldn't be seen as a gold digger by the majority of the party that he threw personally for her. This is a man who has spent years building an empire, did it never occur to him in his career that one word or deed can label a person and their family for a long time. He cared more of satisfying his own needs over his family's needs. Then I felt pity for the heroine's aunt, who seemed at first, like conniving woman but apparently she gave up marriage to take care of her father. That doesn't make sense, you don't have to give up a chance to find a good partner in life and not be able to take care of your parent. I place my theory that the father just wanted to control another person under his thumb. Next, we have the hero's mother who's husband fathered the heroine (Note: there is no incest, the mother and the philandering father adopted the hero), is ticked by the idea that the heroine is coming to their home because she is a reminder that of her husband affair with someone who was not only the maid but apparently her best friend. I don't blame her for bursting a vein, but it isn't right to take it out on the child, whose father denied her existence and her mother died giving birth to her. I did give the heroine some brownie points for telling the mother to lay off. It was beautifully done. Then we come to the dead adoptive parents of the heroine, it confuses me of how could the parents not tell this woman that they weren't related. According to the heroine, they died in an accident a few years ago. The term "a few" goes about two years ago and the heroine is 22 years old because she is a teacher and four years at college should get both a degree and a license to teach unless she wanted to become better teacher and go to graduate school. She must have been 20 years old before they died, they could have told her then. The reason, why the heroine thought that they were related was because her father paid off an official to make a fake birth certificate with the adoptive parents names on it. Lastly, is the relationship of the heroine and the hero, it is a game of hot potato between the two and not with a baseball but with a hot coal. Their feelings are all over the place and it gets so tiring to listen to say, "yes" or "no". It felt like I watching that movie scene from "singing in the rain", where the audience is watching the first version of their film and it's practically terrible. Then there is the fact that there are gaps in the story, for example, the heroine stated earlier that she was given a few weeks off by the principal to stay but during her outburst, she said that six months ago, her life was perfect before the aunt came in. Has the heroine been living there for six months? It can't be because then she must have lost her job. It just was book that I didn't like but had an okay ending.

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