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Khalil al Kalada left her to become king of the desert. Now, confronted by the man she neverexpected to see again, Nell bites her lip. His glossy black hair and his tall, imposing figure haven’t changed. And in his eyes, a lustful fire still burns for her. Naturally, he is suspicious, wondering why Nell would suddenly come to his desert country. Her body shakes with the important secret that she must reveal to him—Nell and Khalil had a son. And Khalil is the only one with the power to save their child’s life!

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Decisions, decisions, decisions 3  3

When a person makes a decision, they try to make it a good decision in the present moment but have no idea of how it will be looked upon in the future. The heroine decided to keep the existence of her child between her and a prince a secret since he was going back to his country to fulfill his duties and marry a princess. Everything is fine for her till her son has cancer and is in remission. So, she has to make a decision to reveal to the hero of his fatherhood to a thirteen year boy who's terribly sick and needs bone marrow transplant. She doesn't tell the man at first, she applies for one of hospital positions and even the hero finds it strange but doesn't go against since this is the lover that he never forgot. Now, the hero doesn't take the news well when the heroine tells and frankly, I don't blame him because it's a lot to take in. They are able to find some common ground and such but the hero has the condition of the heroine marrying him in order to make his son legitimate. The hero is upset by whole thing but he's found out that the heroine still cares about him with naming his son after the British tutor who encouraged him to go into medicine and how the son doesn't hate the hero because his mother taught him not to, along with teaching him some of the hero's language. I found the whole meeting between father and son to be incredibly touching and sweet. Then the hero makes the decision to take the son back to his country where the heroine is without telling her. She has to learn the hard way and she confronts the hero on the matter. It ends after many hours when the heroine loses a patient and the three go out for the day. They have a good day with the son but when they are alone, they have more arguments that end coldly. It takes a serious situation where the hero almost dies but is saved by the son for the heroine to realize that she never stopped loving the hero. It also gives the opportunity for the heroine to meet the hero's parents who compliment on making the tough decision and raising a great son. Then when the heroine and the hero talk over the phone, the heroine reveals she loves the hero then hangs up the phone. She goes to the desert for some peace but is found by the hero. They have a heart to heart talk and the hero confesses his true feelings to the heroine. It's quite a nice ending and I liked how it went.

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