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At the rugby match, where the new uniforms she designed made their debut, Tamsin finds herself reunited with Alejandro, the man she'’s destined for. Six years ago, she had unrequited feelings for the star rugby player. But he misunderstood and thought she had seduced him into a trap that got him kicked off the team. Now he’s a successful businessman and a sponsor for the opposing team. But despite his success, she can still see the contempt in his eyes. Why have they reunited like this? Have they been eternally bound by his hatred?

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3.5 It was a nice story. 4  4

It was a romance that went bad with the interference of a lot of factors. The hero is a Argentinian man who played for the heroine's father's English rugby team who hates the hero being foreign and on his team. First, I would like to say to the man that if you have a player from a different place who puts his heart in the game with a great attitude, who treats his fellow rugby players right, and not a jerk to other then why are you having a problem you prickly porcupine!! The hero meets the heroine and they enjoy each other's company and when they are in the greenhouse, they are seen by the father who turns the whole thing into a huge scandal and takes the opportunity to kick the hero off the team. The hero thinks he was caught in a trap constructed by father and daughter and doesn't believe in the heroine when she claims to be innocent in the whole mess. Now, the hero is kicked off and after six years, he's on his home country's team that beats the English team (Payback is sweet). The heroine tries to get back one of the uniforms because she designed it but the hero doesn't believe she did. After they meet again, the hero sends her hated messages to her and while it does dent her armor, she remains strong. The heroine is also facing a lot of pressure because people think she got her job as the designer because her father is the boss rather than by her own skills. The hero even joins in the banter game against the heroine and decides to catch her in a trap in order to prove she's not the true designer of the outfits. She goes and does the designing outside the office he set up for her and surprises him with good designed clothes. Later on, the hero makes a rude comment about the heroine acting like a virgin when she's got the whole English rugby team eating out of her hand. That earns him a slap and realization that he was wrong about the heroine. She runs off and he runs after her a bit later. The hero apologizes to the heroine and admits that he's been very attracted to her but wanted to deny his feelings for her. They spend a hot night but the heroine woken up with the horrible news that her fashion brand company has been bought out by the hero. She goes to him and they have an argument about the whole thing that goes from her business partner but the hero has the last word that finally pierces her armor that the reason she was hired to design the English uniforms was solely because she was her father's daughter and the whole thing was fixed. She leaves in tears to see her business tore down and her business partner missing. The hero is so miserable that his secretary/stepsister tells him to fight for her. A couple of weeks later, another game against the hero's team in the English stadium comes up and the hero calls the heroine to the field. She thinks it's just another embarrassing thing and shuts her eyes when she's at the field. When she does open them, she sees the uniforms that she designed have the words, "I love you very much. Please will you marry me?". He confesses his wrongdoings and admits his love to the heroine. I found it very romantic and quite sweet with how it ended that the heroine's business partner was the hero's long lost father. It was a nice ending.

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