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India was born into a noble family in decline. At a party she jokingly says she should marry a rich man. At that moment she meets a wealthy business man named Aidan and falls madly in love, forgetting all about the joke. However, on their wedding day, Aidan rejects her vows and leaves her at the altar. Then one year later he appears again, saying he wants India as a repayment for her father'’s debt! India is confused and angry but she cannot refuse his charms…

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It was meh then no 1  1

The hero jilts the heroine at the altar right in front of everyone because when they before they even met the first time, he overheard her drunk talking with a friend of how she's only going to marry a rich man but he doesn't say that in front of everyone. Now, I didn't have a lot of positive things to say about the book because of a lot of things. First, is the whole goose chase that the hero constructs after a year since the jilting when she is down on her luck with shouldering her dumb father's debts, possibility of eviction hanging over her head, and suffering from a broken heart. Another thing is the heroine's brother, was he not at the funeral because when he saw the hero after a year, he's all smiles and blathering to the hero of how the dad has been recently hospitalized. It was something that the heroine was trying to keep secret. Two finally do something that they didn't do when they were dating, which wasn't that long before they were engaged; they talked about themselves. The heroine learns the hero's fear of marriage stems from his parents' marriage on paper and how they frighted all the time. In fact, they were fighting in the car when they weren't watching and crashed that killed right in front of the hero. I wasn't really impressed with the heroine when she gave into him because I felt that even with this newfound information that it didn't clear the air between them. Then when the heroine has seen her dad woken up and learns from her mom that the hero was giving them money in order to restart on their lives and she doesn't want that and runs after him. Now, forgive me for being cynical up to the last pages but I want to go over what the hero said as he relives the jilting day. First, he admits that he got cold feet and I agree. Next, he says that he decide to end the wedding right there because he thought she was only marrying for the money and felt that they would end up in the same situation as his parents. I was good then he goes on about how the heroine being miserable and here I am thinking what? Where is the hero in all this because he's the one with the marriage issue and was the man who jilted. Then the heroine comes into the church where the hero is, the very same church he left her at the altar and wearing the same dress from that day. The heroine and hero confess their love and they live happily ever after. Yet, I wasn't really feeling it.

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