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Luca and Poppy swore they’d be together forever, until one day when Luca suddenly broke off their relationship, telling Poppy to forget him and find happiness. His family needed him to marry a woman of similarly high standing and he couldn’t let them down. Fast forward seven years and Poppy’s been trapped in a storm while checking on her grandmother’s castle in Scotland. Shivering with fear, she hears the door burst open and the great silhouette of a man appears—revealing none other than Luca, the man she could never forget. Now the two must spend a candlelit night in the great, cold castle until the storm passes!

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The hypocrite 1  1

Before reading this book, I thought that I may check the reviews on the original. They gave a lot of negative reviews but I still went and bought the book anyway. It was terrible for 75% of the plot and I wish that I hadn't bought it. The hero was such a hypocrite, he leaves the heroine who loves with with all her heart in order to marry another woman who has money that will save his family's all important name. Then after a seven year separation, they meet again in the heroine's grandmother old, crumbling castle. The hero survived a boat crash in order to meet the heroine's grandmother. He's all mourning a because he wasn't a good husband to the woman who married him. I feel sorry for the dead wife because she married a man that wasn't in love with her but according to the hero, she was in love with him. What I hate is that the hero immediately judges the heroine when she says that she is starting a firm with a male friend. He thinks that she is having a lot of experiences with men. Next, he feels all guilty about "killing" his wife, but not enough to keep his hands off the heroine and doing the deed. It only gets better after this because he declares that it's her fault for seducing. Are you serious?!! She was not the one necking you! Then the hero compares the heroine to her loose mother based on looks, stating, "with a little more maturity and you would look like her," A double insult all wrapped up in one: called the heroine a child then ugly because of the comparison to her mother. Wow, hero, you really are not doing your best to not hurt the heroine! The hero is so moody and depressed that if this was a person, I would have him see a counselor. Then she calls herself a fool because the last man she dated did on a bet with his buddies to see if she was a virgin and who would bed her first, which I say you're not because the man was a fool for sending at company wide email at the company that both he and the heroine works at about the stupid bet. Then then hero gets all defensive because he comes up with the idea that the heroine used him to get rid of her virginity. Seriously!!! The only upside to that statement was the heroine's comeback on his previous comment, telling her to not fall in love with him. He is being so hypocritically. The hero knows but doesn't say sorry. Now, going back to the heroine and her virginity. I don't hold it against anyone who decide to have sex before marriage, but forgive me if I find it ridiculous a woman gives her virginity to the man who broke up with her and married another woman, on the first day they see each other after seven years. I am thinking, "Resist that idiot!!! Find a better Man!!"Then after the storm, the hero wants to have a private "I don't want the press to find out we're dating," all because her mother is a famous loose woman. The only enjoyment that I found was the heroine's uncle finding them and calling the hero, a stupid italian because that's what he was. They separate in order to avoid the paparazzi piranhas. They don't speak to each other until the hero calls the heroine, telling her that his grandmother forced him and the heroine questions him but lets it go. Then the hero closes the argument off. Here, I am starting to see the heroine pull away from the hero like at the beach scene when the hero says that kissing in public was inappropriate. My goodness, what to make a girl feel low. The heroine leaves him and the hero doesn't run after her but towards his guard who calls him. They meet again and the hero states that they are going to someplace private but the heroine doesn't want to because of all the secrecy to protect his family name over her the fact that she is related to the loose mother, which the hero hotly denies! However, it's the same hero who earlier agreed with the heroine's statement about why they keep their relationship a secret based on their known family members. Again, he is being a hypocrite. It's only until after the heroine says the three little words that the hero lets her go, saying he needs more time. The phrase is the hidden message that I wish to rate to the heroine, "Don't be a doormat again to this man! Find you a better man!". Six weeks gone by and the hero and heroine have not seen nor contacted each other. Now, here is the spoiler: during the six weeks, he got chicken pox and was in the hospital. However, when he gets out, he doesn't run to the heroine to say yes or no, but to a stupid movie premiere with his niece. Yet, he get mad at the heroine being at the same premiere with an older man (one of the heroine's stepfathers). The third time of being a hypocrite. The only part that I loved was the fact when the older man confronts the hero and heroine, the heroine snubs off the hero. I would say good, but the heroine find the hero two hours later, sitting at her doorstep like a lost puppy and she lets him in. Don't let him in, let him stew for at least three days because you opened your heart of a lot of times, make him either open or close it. Then he says that he wanted time to prove his feelings, how may I ask, by leaving the heroine alone, not calling, and such. His idea of proving his feelings is way off course. Not a book that I would recommend.

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