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Amy, wife of American business tycoon Blade, resolved to leave her husband. He loves her with all his heart, and she still loves him, too. Amy has no secrets from him…except one. It’s because of that secret and because she loves him that she has disappeared from his sight. Now Amy is working in a restaurant in a small village. When Blade shows up, he demands to know the reason she left him, but Amy won’t say a word—she loves him too much to tell him the truth!

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He took 'til death do us part' seriously. If only she'd realized it. 4  4

SPOILER ALERT: It had been nine months of bliss for the newlyweds when the heroine – trying to reconnect with her older sister – made a dreadful discovery. Her sister was slowly dying of a destructive genetic disease inherited from their mother. It was only a matter of time before it struck the heroine as well. Seeing her husband’s dislike of fading beauty in his insistence that flowers around their home be replaced before they wither, the heroine takes it upon herself to up leave – without telling him why - and seeks a divorce so that he never has to see her beauty fade and her body waste away. With the help of a gentleman friend, she flees far away to a remote country village where she works as a waitress in the diner, and it is there her husband finds her. He’s cold and angry, full of suspicions, and wants revenge before he gives in to her divorce demand, and above all else, he wants to know WHY? But that’s the one thing she never intends to tell him. He takes time off work and rents a house, becoming a new thorn in her side as he pursues her reason. He’s a savvy businessman, and the more time he spends around her, the more he becomes convinced she’s hiding something, but it’s not an OM as he originally thought, just what is it? Through a series of ‘near misses’ he confirms she will still wants him physically, but each time something interrupts them – whether another person or she herself reacting to his praising her beauty. Things come to a head when she is walking home after work and is accosted by a gang of ruffians. The hero, who has been secretly following her home each night, comes to her rescue. One thing leads to another, and passion ensues. When she wakes next to him, she is appalled to have succumbed and hastens to leave, but he’s not going to let her go without answers. Confronted with the proof she still loves him and reminded of the future plans they had made together, she breaks down and confesses. It’s a touching scene as he faces her fears and promises they will face them together and reveals there was a hidden reason for his dislike of withered flowers. Mystery solved, hard feelings absolved, they go back to London together. Business calls him away, but she is content knowing she is no longer facing her new normal alone, but with the man who loves her. It ends when he returns from his trip, having taken a side trip to talk to her sister’s husband about possible treatments, and learns something that will have a direct bearing on the onset of her symptoms. All in all, it was a very touching story and very well drawn – the combination of which resulted in a few scenes that had me wondering if I’d need a tissue. I was glad I found it on sale because I could afford a keeper version for my library and I’m sure I’ll read it again.

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