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Luisa is working on a struggling farm in Australia when a helicopter suddenly appears in the sky carrying with it Raul, the Prince of Maritz, who has some amazing news for her. The prince of the principality of Ardissia has died, and his only remaining heir is his granddaughter, Luisa! Raul demands that Luisa return to Maritz and devote herself to her royal duties, but she has no desire to return to the country that disowned her parents after they eloped. But when Luisa refuses, Raul buys up the whole farm and uses it as leverage to get her to come with him. Because it isn’t just Ardissia that needs Luisa—Raul needs her, too!

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farm girl to princess 4  4

The heroine gets surprise visit from the hero who's the crown prince of his country that is also the heroine's mother's homeland. He needs the heroine who is of royal blood to come back to their country and marry him because she's a princess and only heir of a very prominent piece of land in the hero's country. The heroine rejects the whole thing, prompting the hero to go further by buying her land and taking on the farm's debts. The heroine complies with the arrangement because saving the farm means saving her aunt and uncle who have been by her side since her parents died. The whole environment as a princess with media and three dollar sign suits at least gives the heroine a culture shock but she doesn't back down. Instead, she asks the hero to treat her not as a doll and wants to decide things for herself. Her statement impresses the hero who has had a bad experience with gold digging women. They have a few bumps before their marriage and during the reception but I was impressed with the hero's gift to the heroine of giving her some treats from her home to help settle in; that was very sweet. The heroine reveals she did come to the country to see her grandfather but his ill treatment towards her and how his choice of suitors behaved horribly to the heroine made her self conscious. The hero apologizes on his countrymen's actions and the heroine said it wasn't his fault. From there, two make good way in learning more about each other and working to be the best leaders for their country. The hero finally reveals about his past of never seeing his father then bringing home one woman who was a gold digger that set her sights on the father then became the hero's stepmother. Yet, the woman wasn't satisfied due to the fact she ambushed him when he was asleep because she wanted a virile partner in the bed not viagra induced partner. Then the heroine gets sick and wonders if she's pregnant but can't go out to get a pregnancy test without alerting the media but decides to take a trip home for privacy sake. This leads to a little fight between the hero and heroine but the two finally talk things out and realize that they are in love with each other. It's a very ending and I really found the plot and the characters to be enjoyable.

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