Pure Romance THE LOVE TWIN

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When Becky Lawson is mistaken for her twin by the handsome and kind Jarrid Browning, she finds herself swept off her feet by a man still harboring feelings for his ex-girlfriend. Now that Pam knows Jarrid still has feelings for her, she wants him back! But Pam is leaving on a business trip, so she makes Becky stand in for her instead. Even though she knows it’s just temporary, Becky can’t help falling in love. It doesn’t help that Jarrid is in love with her, too, or at least he thinks she’s the one he loves!

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On Hero's side 2  2

This wasn't one of my favorite harlequina because the sense in it was out of control. I mean, really what were these women thinking?? In the beginning, the hero and heroine meet but the hero mistakes her for her long lost twin sister that she recently discovered and began to live with. She says she doesn't recognize him and he becomes real hurt since this is a girl who forgot he proposed to her on prom night. The heroine goes back and relates the news to the sister who remembers him and tells the heroine that she wants him. However, she's going on a business trip and doesn't want any other woman to take him. She gets the heroine and the heroine consents to keep on playing her in order to get the hero to fall back in love with her. While, they plan in there, I'm out here waving the stop sign with red lights that this is going to be a catastrophe idea. I mean, they're basically tricking the hero and misusing his feelings. Now, the heroine goes with the plan and they have ups and down in "keeping" the relationship going but it works. It works too well sadly with the heroine now having fallen in love with the hero and she even goes to have coitus with him!!! If you think that's ridiculous, wait till page 103! The sister comes back with her new boyfriend and it becomes a room full of idiots. She tells the heroine that her falling in love with the hero was all part of her master plan to get the two to fall in love. The twin thinks everything will be fine once she explains to the hero what they did. I couldn't believe who was the bigger idiot; the twin who didn't think the hero would feel anger and ultimate pain from the betrayal or the boyfriend standing there listening to the whole thing without giving a brain cell thought to the women that, "Hey, I'm a guy and I feel like this is a bad idea." And it gets worse, the hero goes to pick up a ring for the heroine, he gets to the apartment and finds the twin and her man all over each other. Be advised, he doesn't know about the twin thing but he still gets heartbroken. The twin sees him and he runs off, then the heroine comes back with the twin apologizing in tears of what happened. Guess who ends up trying to tell the hero: the heroine!!! The stupid twin should have gone with her yet in order to prove, it's the twin thing!!! He doesn't believe till after he throws the ring box in the ocean and she starts swimming to find it. Then he doesn't care and we have a wedding with the twin apologizing. However, I just couldn't like it. I mean being spontaneous is fun but there's a thin line between spontaneous and stupid.

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BOOOOOO!!! 1  1

This is whack! The story line had a lot of potential but everything was so rushed and plain that i can't believe I payed $6 for this!

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