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Kate is sent to Monaco to interview media-beloved F1 racer Cristiano. The two are passionately attracted to each other moments after meeting, and they become tied together in both heart and body. But during his race the next day, Cristiano gets into a terrible accident and is gravely injured. Just like that, she never hears from him again. Kate cries, believing that to him she was merely a one-night plaything. Four years later, they are reunited, and he looks at her with a puzzled expression and says, "Who are you? I don't remember what happened that night." Now that she knows he had amnesia, Kate is unsure whether she should reveal to him the big secret she's been hiding all this time…

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a good one. 4  4

This one had good art and a really sweet ending. I wasn't a big fan of the female lead in some respects, I wasn't a fan of her being so weak. I like women in stories who are feminine but feminine doesn't equate to acting weak and scared of everything... sometimes it seemed like they were having a contest over who had the most tragic past... but other than that, I enjoyed the story.

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3.5- okay 3  3

The book wasn't good but it also wasn't bad. The hero and heroine met four years ago and seemed to hit it off till the hero go into a crash car that caused him to lose his memories of the night he met the heroine. Then heroine finds out about her pregnancy and attempts to tell him, calling the hospital and sending letters to his office but nothing works. Thinking that the hero doesn't want to talk to her, the heroine gives up and raises a cute little guy. Then four years, heroine's boss who not only her friend but whose wife also babysits the little boy wants the heroine to do another interview with the hero. He knows the history with the two of them and he still makes the heroine go there. My guesses is that it's a golden opportunity to get a special interview or he wants the heroine to tell the hero of his son because he is himself a father. Either way, I still don't like it. Instead of the heroine going after the hero, it's vice versa and because to the hero who's had amnesia from the accident, the heroine looks familiar and may hold the answers of why he deems the night before his accident. However, because he pulled the, "Who are you?" on the heroine, the heroine runs away from him. He reveals about his amnesia, which shocks her. This prompts to him chase after her and take her to a private cottage. First, what is with the hero in taking the heroine to a far away space, doesn't he think that he won't be sued for kidnapping. Then there's the heroine, not more than 24 hours after reuniting with the father of her son, she willingly consents to intercourse. Why? Do so many heroine have intercourse with their baby daddies before telling them that they have a baby? And lies about having had birth control four years when the hero brought it up. Then the hero pulls the usual,"I don't want a family," This causes the heroine to pull away because he thinks that he won't want his son. Even then, she still has intercourse!! Next, she finds out her son has been hospitalized, revealing "her" son is in the hospital and the hero drives her to the airport on a private jet. A nice thing but leaves without a word. He only comes running to the hero, when he finds that she left her purse with the letter that contains the truth. When he gets to the hospital, I found it surprising that the hospital so easily gave the hero information which room the heroine and their son was in. The upside was the cute moment of the hero seeing his son for the first time. The only second thing that was cute was before the hero and heroine had their long dreaded talk, the hero made sure that the heroine had a hot meal and bath to relax her. The heroine relays the story and the hero says, "Let's get married.". Ugh, that phrase is so old, the dinosaurs stopped using it. The heroine rejects it, giving her reason why ( his lifestyle, driving fast=death, which is his job). The heroine has the hero keep his existence as a father secret. The 3 of them spend some cute quality time together. I did like that the heroine came to the hero's rescue when his son asked him to read him a story. The reason is because he has Dyslexia, he is ashamed of it because it made him feel weak and his past with failed grades didn't go well with the people around him like his mom. Then they have an argument go south. Then the heroine runs after the hero. The ending was okay but the biggest problems that I had was the same from the previous reviews: 1) the assistant of the hero isn't questioned, nor had Karma brought on her for what she did and then there's the biggest, the hero and the little boy didn't get the revelation of the boy learning that the hero is his father.

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