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“You are just like my hopeless alcoholic mother,” Sarah was told by her first love, Raoul, who took her viriginity, before he broke up with her. Five years have passed and Sarah, working as a temp janitor, freezes in front of the elevator. There is Raoul in a suit with a beautiful woman at his side. She wishes not to reveal herself to Raoul, now the head of a bank. He doesn't know her secret, that she had his child, Oliver, and she tries to disappear from the scene.

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In a lot of harlequin manga with jerky, arrogant, and stupid heroes; my feelings have always been anger and the wish to smack the idiot. However, this particular hero who I do wish to smack didn't have my anger but my pity. It's hard to explain because he's been so unloved that the slim chance of receiving any kindness or love has him back away. The hero gave him love and he backed away; and her parents after they met, even though he abandoned their daughter, they showed him kindness. I mean I felt pity, but my wish to smack his head had a long list of whys. He dumps the heroine after she declares her love. Then after five years, he expects her to hold some sort of a torch for him and becomes upset when that doesn't happen. Before that, after they reunite, the hero thinks that the heroine is there to extort money and I'm wondering how because she is a night cleaning lady who had no idea where he worked. Next, after finding out about his son and the heroine's refusal to marry him, he has his staff not only fire the heroine from her job but also blacklist her from any job opening in the country. I mean, are you kidding me?! Then there is the fact that because her looks are similar to his mother, he believes that she is exactly like his mother and a child abuser. Seriously, did he not see how she cared for the orphan village children in the village they first met. Later, when they go to see the social worker and he finds out that the law isn't in his favor, he blames the heroine, calling her his mother, saying that she planned this. Wow, feeling powerless must suck for the hero. He uses the paparazzi to force the heroine and the little boy into a corner. However, the hero isn't the only one who doesn't deserve a smack on the head but the heroine as well. The heroine has sex with the hero after the whole paparazzi thing, even though he is forcing her into a corner. I could have gotten a lawyer on a pro bono case. She also uses the man's big fancy credit card to make herself beautiful and dresses up for him. Don't dress up for that idiot, dress up for yourself. I think that one of the few cute things that I found in the book was the little boy defending his mom from the hero and the ending. However, it wasn't a book I would buy.

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