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After a whirlwind romance with Leo, the prince of Feliz, Bethany ends up marrying him. She dreams of rubbing shoulders with the upper class in a fancy castle, but the nobles turn their noses up at her commoner background and her new husband is too busy to notice her plight. In fact, he's very insistent that she fulfill her duties as princess. In despair, she flees to Canada, her real home. Three years later she asks for a divorce, despite still loving Leo, and he coolly accepts. The only problem is that she must return to that nightmare country of Feliz in order to do it!

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so many mistakes 3  3

Ohhhhhhh Booooooyyyyyyyyyy, this was a real doozy. I felt real pity for both parties, I mean it was like a 55 and 45 percent both at fault kind of a thing with the hero being more at fault for their disastrous marriage than the heroine. I mean, really it was bad. To summarize, the heroine wants a divorce after three years of radio silence but the hero who is still hurt from the heroine abandoning him, pulls out a lie about how they have to meet all these conditions before they can divorce in Italy. Now, the hero and heroine meet when the heroine is throwing her father's ashes to the wind in the tropics. The hero bumps into her and its the hot summer romance. However, once they are married and living at his place with his ghastly and nasty snobs for cousins (I mean they were the fraternal adult twins from the Shining). The hero makes a 180 degree change from his personality and attitude with the heroine like her clothes, manners, and more. I mean, he scolds her for her speaking out against the cousins when they were the instigators and the mockers of the fight. The man expects her to know the culture of his country with the do's and don'ts as well as how a Queen is supposed to act. How could he know if she was never born into royalty. I mean even in the USA, you have do's and don'ts for different states like pumping your own gas. You can pump your own gas in Texas, Montana, and California but you can't pump your gas in Oregon or in New Jersey. That's a culture thing and some people wouldn't know until they made the mistake of pumping their own in the last two states or waiting for someone to pump for them in the first three. The heroine doesn't know what to do with all of this with how the hero treats her, the cousin's sneers and jeers, plus the pressure to become someone who isn't her nor has been given the education of how to act or talk to other people. Please, even Princess Kate had a tutor on what to do. However, the heroine didn't sit down to list her problems but throws expensive vases at the hero for his horrible behavior. Her behavior only strengthened his resolve that she was a childish immature woman he married. Finally, the heroine leaves by telling the hero the lie that she has a lover. Of course, after letting her go and having her watched does the hero see that she was lying to him and waits for three years where they are presently. They're still back at square one with only the heroine having matured because she doesn't throw vases at the hero but looks straight at him. It takes a a lot of less an appealing arguing for the hero to actually reflect on their past. This is the sad part is because the hero lived a life of being unloved by parents who showed him only an abusive marriage that he doesn't know how to show love to the heroine. As he reflects, he realizes the cage the heroine was in with everything and his faults for not teaching, being understanding, nor trying to even help her. He was trying to mold her in his image of a perfect queen rather than be the woman he fell in love with at the tropics. He finally sees his faults and decides to do his best to bring the heroine back with a new turn. For me, that was one star. I was disappointed with the hero who's a King that deals with foreign diplomats who have different ways of introduction, eating, and giving gifts but he never considered the similarity of the heroine being a foreign diplomat who had to learn. I mean, I have never had the change of interacting with anyone of nobility but interacting with people from a different culture is something I have experience with. I have shown friends from foreign countries of where to shop for what occasion and what color and article of clothing it should be the occasion. In return, they taught me what gifts to give in their culture and gifts not. I was taught by a friend to never give a clock to somebody in Asia because the clock symbolizes a countdown to their death or something. I wouldn't have thought of that because it meant nothing like that in my culture. The two start talking about themselves, opening up, and making headway to even consider not divorcing. That is until the heroine learns from the hero's lawyer about divorce proceedings and that the hero lied to her. So, this is where the third star comes in because the hero's apology and love confession. I was impressed and touched with what he said to her and his words reached into her heart. The artist did a good job in these scenes with illustrating the agony, pain, and vulnerability of the hero. It takes a bit but after seeing the hero open up like that, she accepts his apology and gives him the rings that she claimed to have thrown away as symbols to start their life together fresh. It was a sweet ending but the whole process to get there was rather exhausting.

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I love manga !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5  5

I LOVE MANGA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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