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Verity works as an operating room nurse at a general hospital, and is raising her daughter as a single mother. One day, a new doctor transfers into the hospital, and she cannot believe her eyes. It's Benedict—her first love, the man she’s been unable to forget. Six years ago, they met and shared a fleeting love that went as quickly as it came, ending with Benedict shunning her and disappearing completely. Soon after, Verity discovered she was pregnant, gave birth to their child and raised it herself. "He’s the person I hate most in this world. So why do I still feel love for him, after all this time?"

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unbelievable 3.5 3  3

In the beginning, the nurse heroine is reunited with the surgeon hero after a six year separation from their bad break up. The heroine is uncomfortable around him not only because of that event but also because she may be the father of her child. Now, I say "may" with reason because this woman gives doubt to the reader that the hero is the father of her little girl, making her sound like a cheater. Yet, the illustrations in the book clearly show that the heroine was loyal to the hero. I do admit that the heroine didn't have the best handle on revealing the truth to the hero and the hero didn't handle the truth as best as he could. I did like that he didn't wait for three days but why seemed a little depressive. The hero and heroine seemed to get to know each other more and more but the two of them are holding it back till the a confession. Now, I do like that the hero and the heroine didn't marry immediately but waited two years or so to tie the knot because marriage is important. Now here is what I didn't like is the heroine's parents. I understand that any parent would be mad that their 18 year old daughter became an unwed mother. However, regardless of not only disowning her, but also having no contact with her or the sweet child she calls her daughter is unbelievable. They should see that see went from a homeless, jobless, and teenage mother to an independent motivated career woman who puts her child's needs in the highest priority. Not to mention that she achieved all that without their help. That takes a true strength of character. That isn't even the worst part, the worst part is that the parents complimented the hero, saying that he was the one who finally made their daughter into a decent woman?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! It's because of that man, that your daughter became a "indecent woman", why are you thanking me? Where is the father's shotgun and the mother's skillet? Other than that it was okay.

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