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Matilda Paige is a plain girl working a simple job, helping resident doctor Henry Lowell heal the people of Somerset County. She has to split her time between her quiet boss, her ailing dad and a mother who wants to return to her former glory. While the job isn’t particularly hard, Matilda just can’t figure out Henry. On top of everything his fiancée, Lucia, is aloof and disparaging, hiding a mean soul under a beautiful face. Matilda may have a crush on her boss, but can she heal his heart and show him that a little warmth might be just what the doctor ordered?

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becky's comment - September 4th, 2016

Matilda is a a simple lady, she never seems to complain and show patience to people around her. I like how her boss,the hero is always so calm and observant, his fiancee is a beauty outside but he sees the beauty in Matilda.

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Absolutely love the art 4  4

I have to agree with previous comments about the heroine's mother. I just couldnt stand her attitude and absolutely doesnt undestand how the heroine can just accept them everytime. But, apart from that, i do find that the main characters are lovable. Though the heroine is petite but she is strong will in her own way. And i completely adore the hero, mostly because of the art potray how handsome he is (at least to me and the heroine). But, like previous comment, i couldnt understand how he ended up with his fiancee in the first place. Its not even a political marriage like in the typical harlequin storyline either. But overall, apart from the hateful heroine mother and the fiancee, i love the characters, and how naturally the hero falls in love with the heroine. Just feels that it was a bit rush at the end, when he immediately popped the question when he just revealed his feeling for the first time. That was odd, especially when he just broke his engagement.

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Ailing mother my foot! 3  3

I have often wished to wring the necks of stupid heroes and heroines but wringing the heroine's mother's neck takes it to a whole new level. The heroine lives in a new country town because her father had a heart attack; so he had to quit his job in the city and move to the countryside where he could recover. His "wife" doesn't seem to care about her husband's recent tangle with death nor supports him in recovery. All day, she sits on her self absorbed booty doing three things: 1) doing nothing but sipping tea, 2) whining about their current living conditions, 3) degrading her own child who I may add is paying the bills to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. She does all this but instead of being a real city woman by toughening it out and finding the positives, she stays inside cramped. She doesn't get the beauty of the small towns. I do and I'm city experienced!! Do you know what the husband's response is for his wife's behavior, " she was pampered as a child, so understand."Understand what?!?!? That you avoid confronting your wife and allow your daughter to take the punches. The woman's behavior is atrocious because she expects her daughter to give her money to go shopping and to the salon on a regular basis when the three of them are practically living off a countryside receptionist's monthly wage, a high schooler beginning economics knows better than that woman. I know I have more money than that brat and I don't go to the "Salon" regularly. Now, going onto the heroine, I understand that Betty Neel always has her heroines be the soft and silent but when you have a grown adult of sound mind and body who acts like a spoiled child, you treat them like a child. You don't take the punches then to avoid them rent an apartment, while still paying for their house. You pull out your hand in financing and shove the bills in her hand. I also hate in the end, they never confront the stupid mother on her behavior, not even the hero who I placed my money on to tell the mother to get act together. Moving on to the hero, there was something that just didn't make sense to me. How does someone as serious and devoted to his country practice end up with a the 20 year version of the mother (OW) ? I mean he made her his fiancée and yet, she hated the countryside. She's rude to everyone, especially the heroine ( probably hates the fact that there's a woman with more heart than she ever hoped to have). I mean even his own aunt was asking, " why is the hero with this woman, she goes against what he stands for and not in a positive way?" I think that the three things I liked about the hero was 1) his devotion to being a good doctor to his home 2) his kindness to the heroine, 3) his ability to see how amazing the heroine is past her appearance. It makes one wonder what the hero was drinking in order voluntarily propose marriage to the snake of OW. It was an okay book, but I hate how some things were just left undone.

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