Fantasy Romance ROYAL'S CHILD

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Fed up with her job and without a family to support her, Angel makes an impulsive decision to skip town. When she’s stranded out in the cold with nowhere to go, a handsome man with beautiful eyes named Royal suddenly appears before her. Deciding that she’ll only stay with him for the night, Angel is awestruck by the size and splendor of Royal’s estate. And just like Royal’s daughter Maddie predicted, Angel ends up living in the mansion as their nanny... It’s the first time she’s found somewhere she feels like she belongs, but could something dangerous be lurking in the shadows?

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becky's comment - September 16th, 2016

A story between the hero, Royal who always put his child first and heroine, Angel who quit her job and went hitch-hiking.
I love how Royal express his love to Angel. Angel tried to suppress her feelings for her employer, Royal but only to find herself attracted to him more as they get along.
Royal is clumsy when it comes to love buthis sincereness leaves a deep impression. He is so manly when it comes to protecting Angel and his child.
It's a heartwarming and touching story. .

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Love and drama - a good read! 4  4

This was a very enjoyable read with a number of classic elements. We have the hero who lost his wife. The young daughter wishing for a mother. We have tragic heroine who, despite being raised unloved in the foster system, has a heart of gold. And there is a suspicious brother, but he’s just there for flavor. Despite the fact that he’s a private investigator, and he’s suspicious, he never investigates the heroine. I wonder if that is a detail that got glossed over for drawn adaption? *shrug* And then we have a few more novel elements - after a deathly illness, the daughter speaks of a ‘lady’ who told her things when she was ill and evidently continues to do so later. Imagined? The father thinks so. And it just so happens that there have been murders, and the heroine is, how shall we put this, a person of interest. What’s missing is the vindictive rival, and the hostile, manipulative family members (either side), and I’m fine with that. Mix these all together and you get a classic Harlequin romance with a fresh dramatic feel. The only other classic element they included that I wish they hadn’t was the bed before vows. Despite what Harlequin would lead you to believe, that practice is proven to reduce the chances of a real life marriage succeeding, and for this story it wasn’t plot necessary, so -1 star. Other than that, it was a well crafted story, and I really enjoyed the art!

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not many words needed 5  5

This was definitely a story worth renting in my opinion. It had some thrills, ups and downs, and growing love. I loved how the three of them bonded from friendship into a family and romantic love (between the hero and heroine). There was some scary scenes with that bad guy but they got him in the end and the funny part about the lady who told the little girl about the heroine coming with that twist in the end was sweet.

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Adorable and sweet 5  5

Such a cute and sweet story of 3 people finding solace in each other's company. From the title, one would think its yet another marriage contract baby but the story is completely different. The heroine is very likeable and despite all the hardship shes gone through she remained brave and pure hearted. Maddie is just so adorable especially how everyone dotes on her like her Uncle. Super cute story.

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Beautiful 5  5

What a beautiful story. <3 <3

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