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After a tragic romance in her past, Cory became frightened of men. But when she meets a man by the name of Rome, she finds herself incredibly attracted to him and falls head over heels. But she doesn’t know that he has an ulterior motive. When they have to take shelter from the rain at a hotel, Cory offers herself to him, but Rome hesitates to give in to the passion between them. Cory, embarrassed, tries to run away. Seeing her innocent reaction, Rome finally loses his self-control, capturing her in his embrace and kissing her with abandon!

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a little fast paced 3  3

The story itself wasn't bad if fast paced but it's the age old feud with the hero and heroine being pulled in the middle. The hero is being blackmailed by his cruel grandfather to make the heroine fall in love with him, get engaged then break it off, and have the heroine's grandfather pay him off and the hero will give him the money. This is because the grandfather ignored the hero and his mother for years till his parents died and the grandfather gave him a loan to save the family vineyard. Now, the hero has to pay it back in full right there or follow along with the plan. The hero wants to protect his family's vineyard and the employees and does that. He meets with the heroine and finds her to be the cautious type. The reason where he learns later on and when the heroine trusts him more is because her last engagement was cancelled when she overheard her fiancée only being with her for her family's money and how coitus with her is horrible. The whole thing was a huge stab to the heroine's heart and confidence as a woman. Sadly, the hero finds himself falling in love deeper to where he makes the decision that he'll sacrifice his vineyard for her. He asks his grandfather's housekeeper what happened between his grandfather and the heroine's grandfather: apparently, the heroine's grandmother was engaged to the hero's grandfather who was counting the days to their wedding. However, she met the heroine's grandfather and not moment longer did she break off her engagement and marry the other man. The hero's grandfather was so mad that he started fights with the heroine's grandfather who returned in kind. In fact, this hatred is what led him to cast aside his own family and in my perspective, lead a miserable life. The hero decides to come clean but the heroine's grandfather and mother get to her. Luckily, he's there to confess and state that he's giving it all up for the heroine. The grandfather and mother try to convince the heroine not to go with the hero, not to give up her inheritance with all the possibilities of what might happen. Yet, the heroine remains strong in her decision to where the grandfather gives in. Then the heroine suggests an idea that makes everyone happy. Have her grandfather buy the vineyard from the mean grandfather then set up a payback plan with the hero. By the time the mean grandfather realizes what happened, he'll figure out that he's simply fallen into his own trap. That gives the heroine's grandfather enough motivation to go along with the plan. It was a nice ending, I only wish we got to see a wedding.

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