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Cat can’t wait to leave this wedding ceremony. Her divorced parents have come with their respective young partners, and the wedding vows the bride and groom exchange sound empty to her. Out of boredom, she escapes to sit by the lake, where she meets an attractive man, and she decides to sleep with the handsome stranger. She’s always been happy with one-night stands, never wanting to learn more about the person sheis sleeping with. But when it comes to this man, she finds one night isn’t enough and so she makes a bold proposal…

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becky's comment - September 8th, 2017

The drawings of this comic are so clean and pure. You wouldn't have expected the characters of hero and heroine from the drawings.

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on the fence about this one 3  3

We have a heroine who's got a stronghold about love, considering her parent's chaotic marriage and divorce that got her pulled in the middle. She has a better relationship with her dad since her mom was very harsh on her. As an adult, she's become a cynic of love and marriage, she would rather be in a no strings attached relationship. This is the part of the careful what you wish for thing because she meets the hero who's at first against the whole no strings attached relationship with the heroine but goes with the rule later on. Now, she has great bouts of coitus with him but she is curious about him, wanting to know more and more. Yet, he barely tells her anything, which makes her upset, anxious, and irritable but he's only going along with the rule she made in the first place. She should have known the consequences of this no strings attached relationships. Now, in reference to a roller coaster, that was just the ride up to the descend. The descend is when the hero runs into the heroine's mother and the heroine thinks that since he met the mother, he'll be after her now. She basically goes this loopy loop with seeing the hero and mother together, stating about how they are dating then getting married. All the while, the heroine looks ready to keel over and beg for lightening but still goes to their wedding. She's finally comes to the realization that she loves the hero and voices her objection to their marriage when the hero and mother are literally standing in front of the priest. Then the curtain are lifted: the whole dating and marrying was just an elaborate scheme by the hero and mother in order to make the heroine realize her feelings for the hero. Even the father go involved later and suddenly, they decide to have the wedding right then and there because the hero believed this whole shock therapy thing would help the heroine come to realize that she can have love. The parents apologize for their negative impact on the heroine and she agrees to marry the hero. We fast forward to where the hero and heroine are happily married and expecting their first baby. I both liked and disliked this one because even with the positives of a nice hero who never gave up on chasing the heroine or the heroine finding the courage to admit her love for the hero, there were a lot of stretches that were unsatisfactory. I mean, the whole elaborate scheme by the hero was ridiculous as well as the heroine's whole rule on the no strings attached but failing to take responsibility for the hero she made when it's not working in her favor. There were some things that I liked and disliked, it's as simple as that.

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Seriously?! 3  3

Seriously Liam!? You're lucky she didn't throw herself off of a building. That would have broken my heart in two.

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