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Cherry’s long-awaited trip to Italy turns into a nightmare when her car breaks down, leaving her stuck in the middle of endless olive plantations with no cell service. That’s when Vittorio, a black-haired Italian man, comes to her rescue. Or that’s what she thinks... He gives her a cold gaze and tells her she’s on private property, that she’s trespassing. Cherry dislikes him immediately, but to her surprise, Vittorio invites her to come to his home, and even helps with her car. But Cherry soon discovers that she should have gone back to England instead of following him!

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planning a wedding 3.5 4  4

The heroine is in Italy in order to get over the betrayal that her boyfriend was turned fiancee who said and I quote, "When I saw your sister, I forgot all about you."Now, the two of them getting married and the heroine is on vacation to forget the humiliation. There, she meets the hero and who says some rude and hypocritical things about her situation because she's a victim of a tourist scam. However, he does take her to his home to use the phone but once they get home, they meet the hero's teenage sister who's a whirlwind. It's clear to see that the hero is having a hard time dealing with the sixteen year girl because she has a boyfriend and they're doing all the dates. He has a major problem because the girl born into his family aren't supposed to date till they are 18 and any potential suitors with a certain pedigree and dollar sign have to go through the hero to get to the sister. However, the boy is three years older, son of a farmer, and under the hero's radar of good suitors. I get the hero is the older sibling who is the guardian and only wants the best for his sister but dang! He forces her to take the housekeeper who she immensely dislikes on outings with her friends, her friends!!The heroine and the sister hit it off well and she learns from the sister that when the hero became her guardian, the woman he was currently seeing broke up with him because she didn't want to be guardian to a little girl. Plus, she's the first woman since then who the hero has brought along. Then she reveals some O so Big secret that turns the heroine paler than a banshee's skin. After an awkward dinner and the hero and heroine are alone does the heroine reveal that the sister is pregnant and she just went off to see the boyfriend to tell him the news. To say the hero was upset would be an understatement because he was ticked as heck and frankly, I would be too. I understand for this big of a thing, I would have taken it better if my sibling had come up to me, instead of having to hear it from a stranger. Furthermore, the heroine tells the hero that the sister persuaded the boyfriend to do the deed and here I am like, what were you doing! The hero doesn't want the sister to marry the boyfriend because she'll have to work from dusk from dawn. So, he asks the heroine to give him some time alone to think. Later that night, the hero goes to the heroine's room to apologize for his outburst and he's talked with the boyfriend and his parents. He has given his blessing to have the boyfriend and sister marry and asks the heroine to stay and help the sister because the sister doesn't have any older female figures to help her in planning the wedding. The heroine is shocked at his question then gives her a kiss, complimenting on her beauty. The next morning, the hero takes the heroine out to see the town and enjoy her vacation. They talk and the hero learns of the heroine's past lover who chose her sister over her. He says that the fiancee didn't deserve her and the sister is an attention seeker whose character can't never be satisfied. The next week goes by pretty fast for the heroine planning a large scale wedding where money is not problem, so the hero takes her out for dinner. She gets all dressed and shocks the hero. Unfortunately, the hero's ex who married his best friend as a way to spite him and she is quite rude to the heroine in front of the hero and in the bathroom. She makes all the kind and hot compliments the hero said to the heroine disappear in a flash. In fact, the heroine does everything she can avoid the hero, using the wedding planning as an excuse. The hero is finally able to talk with the heroine and ells her the reason that he didn't marry the OW was because she was a self-centered creature. Plus, despite being married, the OW has countless lovers that the husband/friend knows about but continues to protect her. The hero says that he's attracted to the heroine to her appearance AND her heart of gold that contrasts the OW's heart of lead. The heroine is convinced and they start spending more and more time together. However, the heroine tells the hero that she's leaving after the wedding because she still doesn't believe that the sweet things he's been saying to her are true. Things start to get hot but the hero stops because he was doing it without considering her feelings. On the day of the wedding, the sister tells the hero she's going to be very happy with the boyfriend no matter what happens through all the good and bad days. The hero is impressed by her speech and sees how far she has matured. After the ceremony, the hero gives a lovely speech about the bride and groom then says something else in Italian that the heroine can't understand but has head turning at her and the OW leaving in a huff. The hero gets down on one knee and asks the heroine to marry him. The heroine says yes and a few things happen: the heroine's sister and ex separated, the hero's sister gave birth to a little girl and they have a nice ending.

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