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Paige, single mother and nurse, is worn out from everyday life. Abandoned by her selfish husband, she has no room for romance while working and taking care of her deaf daughter at the same time. It’s a financial stretch for her to even be able to attend the wedding of her best friend, Natalie. She feels uneasy with the bold, passionate stares she receives from a man during the wedding. He’s one of the groom’s cousins and looks like an Italian playboy type. She feels guilty for unconsciously enjoying his attention and finds herself awaiting his seduction…

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finding love 5  5

The hero and heroine meet at a friend's wedding as the groomsmen and bridesmaid. The heroine is anxious to be away from her little girl whose surgery is in the near future as well as how much the hero is staring at her. They share one night together but leave the next morning as strangers. However, it turns out that they will be working together n the same hospital and the hero is the heroine's daughter's new surgeon. The heroine is once again anxious about the hero being the new surgeon when she has built up such a trust with the old one. Yet, the hero proves he's cable as well as trustworthy since her deaf daughter smiles and interacts with him when he first meets her. I found it interesting that the hero can sign in English, despite being from Italy where they have a different form of sign language. During their time together, the hero learns that the heroine was carrying twins but went into premature labor. One baby died and the other baby, which is the deaf daughter was deaf. Sadly, the husband also left the heroine to raise their little girl after the funeral of the other baby. Next, comes the surgery and not only is it successful but the scenes where it was just so touching of the when the little girl hears sound for the first time. The celebration throws the hero and heroine back to the first night but the hero puts up a stop sign to any notion of a developing relationship because he's not interested in any romantic ones and the heroine agrees to it. Funny enough, they are drawn back to each other when the heroine discovers she's pregnant and the hero catches her with the test. The heroine is frightened over having another child when she already has her hands full with her daughter. The hero comforts her with how he's going to be with her every step of the way. He does bring up marriage but the subject turns their conversation bad. They separate but the hero goes back to the heroine with food as an offering. The couple talk about their past like the hero's fiancee rejecting his deaf mother and aborting his baby. They decide to take their relationship slowly but seeing how well he communicates and plays with the little girl but also has her mother's stamp of approval pushes her to believe in him. Later, the heroine is called away when his is mother is in a car accident. The absence makes the two realize that they truly do love each other. When they come together, the heroine goes into early labor but the hero is there to get her to ICU. They are able to stop the labor and put her on bedrest for the next few days. I loved this scene very much with how the hero tells the heroine he loves her. The heroine tells the hero that she loves him too and they hub. We move forward four months later where they are introducing the little girl to her new brother. It was a nice ending and I enjoyed reading this harlequin comic.

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