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For the first time in thirteen years, Rosemary runs into Willis, her former classmate, and is shocked at how he’s changed. Back in high school she was attractive and popular, and Rosemary wrote off Willis as a scrawny nerd who was only good at studying. Now, he’s a professor at an acclaimed university and has come back to her village to observe a passing comet…and she can’t help but observe his stellar body. During his stay in the village, he’ll be sleeping over at Rosemary’s house. Will more than the comet be keeping him up at night?

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Finally a virgin man- HURRAY 5  5

I am so tired of stories where men f..k everything that moves and a girl is always a virgin, but finally FINALLY it’s not so. Girl with experience and the man with none and he is fully respectful towards her. Tired of stories where men are worshiped studs with loads of women, but a girl is a HARLOT if she had a boyfriend prior and despised.

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love!!! 5  5

OH MY GOD! What a cute story. The bed scene LMAO! The best hahaha!!! I don't think I have ever read a story with that kind of twist about the hero hahaha!!! And his version of "dirty talk" in bed is too funny! I wonder if smart people to that in real life hahaha!!! I can't stop smiling reading that scene. And the ending as well.. oh my god.. Sooo cute. This story is really funny and sweet. ❤️

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younger rather than older 5  5

This book had me interested because instead of the hero being the older partner, it was the heroine. For me, it was a nice fresh breath of air that I enjoyed. The hero is a genius astronomer who has come back to write a scientific journal about a 15 year comet called bob. The heroine and hero have a past of the being what I would call enemies because the hero insulted the heroine's intelligence and the heroine insulted the hero's looks. It also appealed to me that instead of the heroine getting the cinderella makeover, it was the hero who went from acne faced and 5 foot to PhD tall hottie. I liked that they both had their own pets (both cats with same genders as their owners) with their special names "Isoceles and Ska". I like how they're both attracted to one another but stubborn of admitting. It's fun to watch, especially when they see the other partner in a more appealing new light. I liked that the hero's and heroine's thoughts are shown. I found it funny of how the hero compared his.....welll, special friend as a triangle!! I was laughing in my seat. The other thing that had me excited was the bedroom, entirely different reason but not telling to give away fun spoilers. It was definitely a book worth reading.

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