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To promote peace, Melissa, the princess of Morgan Isle, pays a visit to Thomas Isle, her country’s rival kingdom. She is nervous about carrying out such an important duty, but Prince Chris, heir to the throne of Thomas Isle, greets her warmly with his calm, jade-green eyes. It turns out that during the two weeks of her stay, Chris will be Melissa’s escort. This charming man, so easy to get along with, steals her heart in the blink of an eye, but there’s something Melissa doesn’t know. Behind Chris’s warmth lies a cold calculation.

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a bit stupid 3  3

I must say that the hero's family (royal) felt a little bit stupid in my opinion. My reasons are 1) they want their eldest son to marry the neighboring (enemy) kingdom's bastard princess and yet, they have no information on her. They don't even use trashy magazines to see the exaggerated rumors. Let's forget the romance in this entire factor and focus on the fact that they want put a stranger in a high political power but they haven't done any research on her. Are you serious?? 2) The hero assumes that because she is a bastard princess and can't be queen of her own country that the heroine wants to be a queen, so she is looking to him as the prize pig. However, she doesn't even know the history of their two countries' rivalry because most of her life has been living in North America with relatives after her mother & step-father died when she was ten and a boarding school in France. If she were really after the throne, wouldn't one think that she would have done her own research of their countries and came up with a scheme of a royal takeover. Plus, as stated earlier, she didn't live with her other relatives of the royal country; therefore, she couldn't possible know the culture of nobles using diplomatic missions to marry. So, other than going as a diplomatic ambassador for her royal siblings, what possible hints did she give that stated she wanted to be queen?! Not to mention if her father's country went by a hierarchy of patriarchal government then not even her half sister who's legal wouldn't have a chance because they share a brother! 3) When the hero brings up marriage after sex with no condom, the heroine lets it go of the question: "What about love?" We see that this woman is looking for it but she doesn't think that it's a marriage of convenience since she might have gotten pregnant and the hero might only be doing it out of obligation. In fact, neither state that they love each other till after sex on their honeymoon when the heroine says it first. This leads us to number 4. 4) Now this is what got my underwear into a bunch. Although, the hero sees the hardworking and caring spirit of the heroine ( she takes great interest that other women haven't and even keeps secret of the king's illness, knowing that it would throw the country into turmoil), he still makes a stupid mistake. What kind of a mistake?! After she confesses, he says, "I'm disappointed," His reason: she is trying to be clique even though she "knows" that their marriage is political. How in the h-word was she supposed to know?! After that, he just shuts her out, uses her for appearance in front of the family and sex. I just felt sad for the heroine till she got an email from her half-sister that gave her the strength to leave him. I was a little disappointed that when she stated to the hero that she was breaking up with him that it was because she may be unable to carry a child. Then she states that she never cared a whit about being queen. After that, he tries to blame the heroine's departure on his sisters for not accepting her. Now, that is the pot calling the kettle black. He only realizes too late of how stupid he acted. I was kind of disappointed that they were reunited after a week, I wanted a couple months of sweating. Lastly, this is the 6th thing that just looked stupid to me: in the hero's confession to the heroine, he states, "My worthless pride kept me from believing in love". How could your pride keep you from believing in love when your own d-word parents are a perfect example of a royal couple holding love for each other??? There were just so many stupid little things that made the plot line of the story with unfavorable gaps.

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