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As a youth, both Zach and his reputation were put on trial for nothing more than a teenage tryst. He spent a night rotting in jail, endured the trial and was railroaded out of town, but at no point did Summer, the girl of his dreams, even try to clear his name. Fifteen years later, with the help of his uncle, Zach has become a billionaire with his eyes set on revenge. He’s come home to Bonne Terre, Louisiana, intent on making Summer, who is now an actress, pay. But can Zach’s frozen heart resist the heat of Louisiana’s Summer?

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The hero was too distrusting and stubborn 3  3

This was a love/hate story for me. I loved the art and the way the hero came around so quickly when they met up again (I’m kind of betting it wasn’t quite so quick in the novel, but adaptations often need to be shortened). On the other hand, I was really frustrated with how it was fine for him to bring up the past and the hurt she caused him, but would shut her down if she tried to talk about her side, and I was was equally frustrated that he clung to the ‘its all an act’ mantra so stubbornly that he couldn’t believe her when she did say something. It took third party intervention. And after all the cruelty he had heaped on her, I really wanted to see him apologizing, especially for the first baby. Did it even occur to him that he was likely responsible for its death? If he hadn’t turned her away.... This is one of those stories that leaves me happy they reconciled but worried for their future. The hero is volatile and distrustful, able to leap to conclusions in a single bound, and I’m not sure why I should believe that mindset is going to change. I’m not sure being married to a popular actress who does love scenes is a good fit for him. I’m just hoping she retires to be a full time mom, for all their sakes.

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3.5 why believe him 4  4

The story was one of those sad separations between the hero and heroine. The hero and heroine had premarital sex at the age of 16 for the heroine and most likely 17-18 for the hero. The hero is thrown in jail by the heroine's stepfather who spouts that the heroine doesn't love and will be proven when she doesn't come to the trial. Now, when I read this over again, is what the stepfather said to the hero, it was so detailed, it made me think that there was something up but I wouldn't blame the hero to not notice it. The poor boy just got thrown in jail for a horrible crime and was only saved by his uncle. Now, after 15 years later, the hero and heroine reunite because the heroine's younger brother who was in the and crowd broke into the hero's house and made a mess of things. In exchange for not charging the brother for his crimes, the hero uses her as publicity. They slowly start to mend their relationship till the hero gets a call from the stepfather whom the hero took his estate from and the stepfather says that the heroine killed his unborn child. What I couldn't believe was the hero believed the man. If this man hates the hero with ambition, tried to get him put in prison, the hero robs him of his money and estate, and the hero doesn't think for a second that the man is lying just to get back at him. My goodness!!! The hero loses it and breaks up with the heroine in the worst way. It's not till the grandmother tells him the truth: the creep stepfather put the poor 16 year old under house arrest in New Orleans and when the heroine tried to get to the hero, the stepfather's bad men forced her bad and caused her to miscarriage. The hero is shocked at what happened and goes after the heroine. It was a cute ending. The book was a good read.

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4  4

I like it! Only thing is Kei Kusunoki's art annoys me a bit. I mean the facial and body expressions are just way to much. I find it taking my attention away from the story itself. All in all I like the story.

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