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“Give back what you stole from me!” Nora is in trouble. She meets the rich and famous businessman Blake MacLeod at a charity fund-raiser. Living up to his reputation as a playboy, he invites her to his penthouse suite for the night, but Nora loses her nerve and runs away while he’s in the shower. The next morning, he comes to her apartment and accuses her of stealing something important from him. Before she finds out what she’s supposedly stolen, he whisks her away to his summehouse in the middle of nowhere to keep watch over her…

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becky's comment - February 17th, 2017

I like the long curly hair of heroine and how she could be timid but daring when she need to be.

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Kidnapping? 4  4

The heroine goes to a party in order to forget the last few hours of painful and humiliating realization that the her boyfriend has been cheating on her and had the nerve to call her unfeminine. Well, one person's trash is another's treasure and her beauty at the party catches the eye of the hero who happens to be CEO of the biggest corporation in the country of New Zealand and named the most eligible bachelor. The hero invites her to his place and went he goes to get her coat for her, the ex happens to show up saying that they can still be friends and how she needs him because he's the only one to take her on. Then here comes the hero who ignores the man when he tries to butter him up and takes the heroine to his suite. When they reach the suite, things start to get hot but when the hero takes a shower, the heroine gets cold shower and leaves in a hurry. She doesn't notice that one of the sd card from the hero's work falls into her coat pocket. She comes home only moments before the hero knocks on her door to accuse her of stealing company secrets because she's one of the best engineers at a rival company. The heroine denies these accusations and it goes from explanations to he said and she said until she falls asleep from the stress and lack of it last night. She wakes up to find herself in the tropics, with the hero driving them to his secret hideout. The two of them are totally along and thankfully, the both of them know how to use a stove and knife in the culinary way. So, the hero reveals the seriousness of the information on that card. The hero asks about if the heroine's phobia of heights is real and she answers with a yes and explains why. After that, they spend time together and a great time. There is the issue of the boss's niece who comes to "seduce" the hero but the hero makes an entrance that drives the girl away. Then the hero pushes questions on how the heroine feels for him, so she runs but he catches her at the stairs and they have a good time. Sadly, the next morning, the hero leaves the heroine with a note which the heroine interprets that they're done. She also receives news that the hero is engaged and it's too the niece. After an encounter with the ex whom the heroine brushes off, she is invited by the hero's boss who tells her that he wants the hero to marry his niece and asks the heroine to name her price. The heroine replies that she wants nothing only to tell the boss that the hero has such great respect for him. The hero comes barging in and takes the heroine out of there. He says some things that the heroine thinks that he doesn't want to be with her and she she starts to leave with the promos of never seeing her again, the hero grabs he and says that he'll never let her go again. The hero states that she makes him confused and after the whole kidnapping thing, he wanted to make their relationship official. The heroine forgives him and he asks her to marry him. She says yes and they get married.

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