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Suzanne, a proud girl who just lost her father, has her life turned upside down upon a surprise visit by a handsome and rich man she had been attracted to her entire childhood. He whisks her away to his luxury apartment complex and puts her to work at a company he has acquired, but this is where the trouble starts! Her boss is after the man Suzanne lives with and refuses to make life easy for her!

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Age gap 3  3

You can understand in the story you can see the class difference where the hero is actually quite rich and whenhis father's first wife his mother is dead the his father's merits again to a gold digger woman who does not like anyone who does not have money you can get idea of it the heroine is a quiet hot working women and willing to work for the way to get on the hero gives heroines job and a good settlement and support her.Cathy Williams was born in the island of Trinidad, the West Indies. She is a great believer in the power of perseverance as she had never written anything before (apart from school essays a lifetime ago!) and from the starting point of zero has now fulfilled her ambition to pursue this most enjoyable of careers. She has been writing Mills & Boon romances since 1990. Her hopes are to continue writing romantic fiction and providing those eternal tales of love and romance for which, she feels, we all strive. She derives inspiration from the hot, lazy tropical island of Trinidad, from the peaceful countryside of middle England and of course from her many friends who are a rich source of plots and are particularly garrulous when it comes to describing Mills & Boon heroes. It would seem, from their complaints that tall, dark and charismatic men are way too few and far between . I hope you enjoy it

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She was not a mistress 3  3

The hero and heroine have a tense relationship in the beginning and somewhat throughout the book. The hero was the landlord's son and the heroine being the chauffeur's daughter but they had a good relationship as kids and growing up until the hero's dad married his 2nd wife who was a grand example of gold digger. The heroine holds a lot of contempt for the hero for leaving the estate in the stepmother's hand who; dismissed everyone without a severance pay, worked her dad to death, then had the heroine kicked out of her cottage home right after the heroine's father's funeral. When the hero's father died three years ago and the hero left, the stepmother's first act happened and the second act went for two years until a year before the hero and heroine meet when the father died from being overworked. Now, a year later, the hero finds the heroine in a depleted apartment and gives firms orders for the heroine to stay at his flat in London with him until she's able to find a place of her own and a position at his company because she has the credits. The heroine agrees with anger because she doesn't want to but anger doesn't feed the body. She also finds out that the hero was given money from his inheritance but not the management of the estate, that was left who his stepmother who we know didn't give a care to anyone unless they were rich and of the male specimen. He also knew about what happened with the employees of the estate, so he gave them a severance pay out of his own pocket but didn't know about the heroine's father's condition. He even sent a check to the heroine's father who sent it back to him. When she steps into the building with the job that GIVEN to her by the hero, she becomes enemy #1 to one of the biggest female b-words in the company. She quite two-faced by doing everything possible to make the heroine miserable and hopefully quit and giving a sweet smile to the hero, every time he walks in the room. One of the few things fun watching that miserable woman is how the hero ignored her when the heroine was in the room. For example, despite the woman's interference to keep the heroine's nose to the grindstone, the hero takes her out to lunch with the OW. The hero and heroine seem to grow closer and closer at home but work has the b-word of the OW interfering. I did like how the heroine takes the OW's advice and serve drinks to the guests.....drinking in a sexy maid costume. It has every man's head turning, leaving the hero in a state. After the guests leaves, the heroine and hero have a fight that turns hot and they're caught by the OW who's amazingly still has enough sense to get out of the hero's sight before throwing a fit. The next morning, the OW just harasses the heroine who's able to let everything go in one ear then out of the other, except for the OW's statement that she'll make the hero hers. The heroine learns from the hero that he made it clear to the OW that their relationship is completely professional and she notified him of her resignation. Then the heroine finds abnormalities in the numbers and confronts the OW about it who denies it all until the heroine shows the copies of the huge amount of evidence against her. The OW tries to intimidate the heroine to not tell the hero but she does and they go to the mansion of the hero where the gold-digging stepmother lives. They confront the stepmother and birds of a feather flock together because who else appears but the OW who state that the hero has lost. However, the hero laughs and claims that he won and explains why he throws the woman out with the statement that he intends to marry the heroine then walks out with the OW crying, screaming, and begging him to come back. Really, woman? You stole from his company, conspired with the very woman he hates, and you think he would take you on at all? The hero finally reveals the reason he left was because the stepmother was trying to seduce, even attempting to sneak into his bed naked when he was asleep and she was still married to his father. I don't blame him for trying to leaving. Then he says his proposal and the heroine accepts happily. The story was fine but the title wasn't at all correct because how was she a mistress in the first place? It doesn't make sense.

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