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Issy Helligan thought she was over her childhood love, Gio, until he came waltzing back into her life. Coming face-to-face with Gio only brings back memories of how he used her so cruelly. Issy only wishes to forget about Gio, but soon finds herself depending on his help to save her failing theater.

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editor's comment - February 24th, 2017

Recommend those with unforgettable childhood first love. Hero hardly smile and looks fierce. Recommend readers who like cool guys.

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Forgettable 2  2

As much as there are comics that you remember and want to read over and over again, this one is just a one time read. It was enjoyable for the most part but forgettable. neither the heroire nor the hero left with much of an impression.

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finding your family 3  3

The hero and heroine are childhood friends with the heroine's mother being the housekeeper to the hero's parents. The hero grew up in a cold home with a father who had no idea if his son was really his son by blood and a mother who cared more about her self than her own children. The heroine falls in love with the hero and gives herself to him but it turns sour after the act because he admits to never loving her in the first place. They meet again a decade later when the heroine is the actress in a skimpy outfit for a party that the hero is attending. When he sees her and the situation she's in (a man was getting handsey) the hero comes in to put a stop to it. When the heroine sees the hero, the shock and tightness of the corset causes her to faint. She wakes up at the hero's place who wants to know what happened her and why she's has become a stripper when it was a actress job. The heroine doesn't tell him the truth and leave. However, when the theatre is losing options, she goes to him to ask for a financial aid. His price is her body and she's the adult and agrees to it. It's after coitus when the heroine tries to leave that the hero shows his gentler side to the heroine by listening to her problems and will sponsor the theatre she works at. The heroine is all for it. Then the hero wants her to come to Florence under the guise of making a presentation of why they should sponsor the theatre (half true and half he just wants to dowse his flames of lust). The funny part is, the heroine doesn't get the second half till after her friend notes the strange stuff and after the hero admits it when she confronts him about it. The two of them don't have coitus the moment they get off the plane but go outside to enjoy the sites. The heroine learns that the hero doesn't believe that relationships are meant to last because having grown up in his parents' tornado of verbal abuse and lack of love marriage made him believe that there is no such thing. She also learns that the night they were together so many years ago, the hero was told by this father that he wasn't his father. The hero says that he's over it but it's plain for the heroine to see that the hero is still hurt by his father's actions. Then after a night of hotness in the bedroom, the heroine finds out that the uncle from the hero's mother has been sending him countless invites since he was a kid to family gatherings, birthdays, etc. The hero has always rejected the invitations because he feels no connection with them and can't understand why they would want him in the first place. This time the heroine puts her foot down and makes the hero attend. Once they arrive, the uncle welcomes the hero with a hug and goes to introduce to every family member there is, while bragging about his successes. The hero says that it's irritating but the heroine sees that he enjoyed being with them. On the ride back, the heroine realizes that she's in love with the hero but goes back to England but their relationship isn't enough for the heroine. She does tell the hero all of this before leaving but he rejects the idea of love and is left to reflect his feelings for the heroine Once, he realizes how he truly feels about the heroine, he goes after her and to talk. When he gets her alone in the room, he apologizes for his actions from ten years ago and last time and reveals that he was afraid to love because he never received the love he desired from his parents. He also says that she's been a part of his heart, which changes the heroine to give him another chance. The two confess their love and we have a happy ending with an adorable baby.

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