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Kenda was a beautiful history teacher, but her beauty brought her a reputation and invited trouble. She had just landed a new job, teaching for a martial arts master at a school for period actors. Betrayed by a friend, she took revenge by shredding his clothes, but was seen by her new boss. In a panic, and afraid that her actions will prove her reputation is deserved, Kenda little realizes that even more trouble is just around the corner.

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bad history with men 3.5 4  4

The heroine has terrible history from men from when she was young: bad foster fathers, lecherous bosses, and sexually deprived ex-boyfriends who have made her out to be a horrible woman. The hero still hires her, although he believes in the terrible image conjured by the evil men of her past. Now, her only male friend that she can lean on has publicized her work as his work. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. The heroine is practically done with men like the hero is with women because the last woman he hired for help in his medieval weapons training course was more into chasing him than assisting. And it just so happens, that the very same woman has come back and my goodness, the venomous words she spouts about everybody could make a nun swear. I wouldn't mind putting the iron mask on her if she would stop with back slash comments. The hero then requests the heroine to act as if they were lovers in order to spurn any chasing acts from the OW but it creates the opposite reaction. It's so bad that the OW barges into their rooms unannounced and mishandles a short crossbow that discharges an arrow and nearly hits the heroine. Then she has the gaul to sue the hero on negligence charges when he made the rules clear that no women would handle the weapons and no weapons without his permission and supervision. Plus, what kind of fool messes around with an ancient loaded weapon that they don't know how to properly handle and disarm. I was so glad that she was hauled out of the castle. Then the hero and heroine start to learn a little more about each other and trust but that all comes to an end when the heroine's friend comes to show that he wasn't stealing her publications at all (thank goodness, she has one male friend that she can count on). The hero believe that she is going for the other other and throws some sort of a fit. Then we have the reconcile ending but personally, it was a lot to take in.

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