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Callie, a secretary in New York, spent three years pining after her boss, CEO Eduardo. She has always seen him as a capable and overwhelmingly charming man, but she also knows that he is a workaholic and a playboy. One Christmas Eve, she spends the night with him, but the next morning, he drives her out of bed, calling her a liar. When Callie finds out that she’s pregnant, she is left with little choice but to marry an old friend of hers. The day of the wedding, however, as Callie stands in her secondhand dress awaiting her fiancé’s arrival, Eduardo comes along and takes her away by force, declaring that she will be his wife for the next three months!

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A little less warden logic 3  3

In the beginning, we have the usual heroine but unusually dressed in a wedding dress and with a baby soon on the way. Apparently, she's marrying a childhood friend who found out that the baby daddy ( the hero) kicked the heroine out after their one night of sex ( You'll love why). Nine months have passed since that incident, during the which, the friend begged the heroine to marry him for the sake of her child, her sister hating her for "forcing" the friend to marry her in order to save face, even though the heroine rejected the idea of marrying the friend twice, and losing her job. When the heroine is waiting for the friend, so they can go get married, the hero comes in wanting to know if what the sister said was true: that the heroine was pregnant with his baby. When he hear her confession, he "kidnaps" the heroine. He planned on a paternity test first until the heroine expressed her fear of having her child be born illegitimate, so the hero used his influence for them to get married that day. A good thing because right at the moment the heroine signed the marriage permit, she went into labor. I did like the hospital scene of the hero staying next to the heroine and how he gave them both a kiss. The baby was a real cutie as well but not enough for the parents of the heroine to express happiness through the phone. The hero takes the heroine and their new baby back to his house, where they come to a three month trial of seeing how their marriage works out. However, the hero doesn't want to go through losing the heroine and daughter like his father did, so he commits a federal crime. His federal crime was keeping the letters that the heroine sent to the friend and family from reaching them and vice versa. He even had a PI tailing the friend. They give off the setting of a happy family with the hero being attentive to the new little girl and the heroine. Next, we finally learn why the hero kicked the heroine out after their passionate night; apparently it was all the friend's fault because when their passion had settled, the hero had fallen in love with the heroine and wanted to go get her a change of clothes and stay over at his house. When he arrives, he finds the friend and demands to know his identity. The friend states that he's the heroine's fiancee, which was a cold bucket of water thrown at the hero. The hero is shocked at learning this because in truth, the friend only said this because he had the heroine make not married by thirty promise at the age of 18. She's 25, so that promise doesn't count but the friend really wanted the heroine badly enough to lie and give her the impression of a cheater. This shocks the heroine and when learning the truth, they start bonding more and more. Finally, after three months of no contact with her family, the hero allows them to go see them. The reunion is sweet but I really wished that the heroine had pushed the hero to contact her family. Unfortunately, the friend finds them and reveals everything that the hero has done, which breaks the heroine's heart since he did not trust her. Now, this scene is what I really like: the heroine calmly tells the hero that his distrust had ruined their marriage and the hero is able to see that it was his fault, his inability to trust had ruined it. The two of them separate for a couple of months. I like that the hero is getting help like counseling in order to sift through his troubles and feelings. I also liked how the hero and heroine were reunited again. It was a little bland but I do like the little bland ones because too much drama can be tiring.

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Weak storyline... 2  2

Vanila, plain AF!

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