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Carrie took in her brother’s daughter Molly after he died in an accident, despite the reservations of the little girl’s grandmother. Later Carrie meets a lawyer named Max on a plane as she comes home from a business trip. Carrie is taken aback by how charming he is, and she enjoys her fleeting conversation with him. When Molly’s grandmother sees Carrie get out of the same taxi as Max, though, Carrie ends up fibbing. She says that Max is her fiancé in order to ease the grandmother’s worries about a single woman like herself adopting Molly. After all, it’s not like she’ll ever see him again. Except that, a few days later, she runs into him again at the worst possible time!

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becky's comment - March 10th, 2017

Fake couple turning into a real one. Common in Harlequin comics but the expressions of heroine pretending that she does not care is just simply adorable.

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How to get a fiancee in five minutes. 4  4

The heroine is currently raising her dead half-brother's child but she is facing a lot of pressure from her sister-in-law's parents who want to raise the child themselves despite them living on another continent and they barely knowing her. She's coming back from a business trip when she meets the hero in the next seat who she strikes up a fun conversation with. They even share a taxi but her getting out of the taxi is seen by the grandmother who's the most in pressuring the heroine and the heroine lies about the man being her boyfriend. Then when she goes to one of her clients vine yards, she discovers the hero is the client. They have a small chat and the heroine doesn't expect to see him again till they run into each other at restaurant with the grandparents. The grandmother blabs about him being the heroine's fiancee and much to the relief and anxiety of the heroine, he plays along. They get a moment alone where the heroine apologizes for the grandmother's words but the hero decides to help the heroine since revealing the truth would only push the grandmother to keep the heroine and niece apart. The lunch goes well but I really didn't like the grandmother's comment about heroine and her half brother being not close because they were half siblings. I found it rude and insensitive because it's not blood that makes family but bond and those two grew up relying on each other in hard conditions that made their bond just as strong if not stronger than that of fully blood related siblings. I did like the grandfather being more sound of mind. By the end of lunch, the grandparents are convinced that their granddaughter would be better living with the heroine than with them. During the time, the heroine takes the little girl to the bathroom, the hero learns of the heroine horrendous marriage to her cheating ex from the grandparents that gives him insight for future reference on why she's so against accepting his gestures of affections. Now, the hero asks for the heroine's help in the fiancee facade because he needs a fake one to ease his father's mind. The heroine accepts since he helped her. They go out for dinner and learn more about each other but the heroine meets the hero's cousin-in-law who gives snarky sub-line comments to the heroine. The heroine is honest about what the cousin said and the hero tells her to disregard the woman's words. As they spend more time together, the hero chips away at the wall the heroine has made for herself and she becomes frightened of what will happened if things go south. Finally, during the hero's family party, she becomes unable to keep up with the lies. She tells the hero her feelings on the whole matter and he says that he loves the heroine. He confesses his love for the heroine and I love it to be quite romantic. The heroine confesses her love as well and we end the story on a happy note.

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