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One day Phoebe escorts Tara, a girl she met in the café where she works, home. But when she sees Tara’s father, Phoebe gasps. Her nightmare from six years ago is revived… That long-ago Christmas night, Phoebe had gotten drunk at a party. Her awareness was clouded and she was surrounded by sneering men. Feeling helpless, she had been unable to resist Dominic. Now Dominic, the same man who called her a filthy whore back then, is standing before her eyes!

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becky's comment - December 25th, 2020

A heart warming Christmas romance. They were both deceived and hurt by the ones they loved and spent many years being alone. I'm glad to see that they finally found each other and enjoyed the Christmas as a family.

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what a turn around 4  4

I must say that I was really surprised by how it turned out. So, in the beginning, the heroine and hero met because of a terrible incident that left the impression that the heroine was a seductress to the hero. The heroine is traumatized by the event has herself. After a few years, the hero and heroine are reunited when she brings his daughter back home late at night because her irresponsible nanny has been leaving her there for a week and going off on some man's motorcycle. The hero and heroine have a spat about the hero's negligence of the daughter's caretaker till they come to somewhat of an agreement with each other. The hero takes the heroine back to her near ruin home and is shocked; nevertheless he leaves to fire the nanny then take the heroine to his place after her home catches on fire from the landlord's negligence. The hero offers the heroine a job and the heroine grudgingly accepts the position. As Christmas comes closer and closer, while the hero and heroine starts learning more and more about each other that attracts them to each other. Although, as much as good things that come out, bad things start to surface as well. The heroine has to face the demons of her trauma like the hero's brother. The hero despises his brother and with good reason. 1) this man sleep with his brother's wife and proceeded to make it up by sexual assaulting (striping) the heroine and leaving her naked for the hero to find her. 2) he manipulates the hero's little girl into revealing information about dad and her life so that her mom might come home. 3) he is the motorcycle guy of the negligent nanny and encouraged it. 4) he's a leech for money, fame, and causing pain towards his own family. Then we have the divorced wife who comes back because her acting career in North America is going south. So, she comes in like a hurricane nearly destroying christmas including her daughter's happiness, whom she "claims" to have come back for. It was quite a lot to take in. There were some good parts and bad parts to this novel.

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