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One day Devon is asked to go on a business trip to cover for her coworker who caught a cold. Devon, no fan of Christmas and already tired of the city’s holiday mood, happily accepts the assignment and heads to Germany. At the airport she meets her client Cal Logan, a successful businessman. She is struck by his beautiful face but determined not fall in love. Too bad Cal isn’t making it easy for Devon to stick by her decision.

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3.2 bringing back Christmas to her. 3  3

It was a funny case of mistaken identity: the hero kisses the heroine because he thinks that the heroine is his friend's old girlfriend who he was kissing as an apology from the old friend for ditching her to perform his doctor duties. However, the heroine is the friend of the ditched girlfriend who couldn't make because she caught the flu. After the mistaken identity is cleared, the two head off for work. The hero goes on a first name basis with a friendly attitude toward the heroine that she can't do. She has steered clear of men and Christmas since she discovered her husband's cheating on Christmas with a sexy Santa. However, she can't stop liking the confident and caring hero. Then when they are about to end their contract, the weather has other ideas and they end up being snowed in at their hotel. The heroine is frantic but the hero calms her down and is quite mellow about the whole thing and I found it to be a good attitude. They talk about themselves with the hero's big family and the heroine's aversion to holiday. Then the hero comes clean that he enjoyed that kiss extremely well and was wondering if the heroine enjoyed it too. The heroine tries to get away but the hero stops her and asks if she was feeling the same way as him. With the power off and the lights going dark, gives the perfect atmosphere for them to go at it. The next morning has the heroine waking up to a freezing hotel room and the hero returning from getting food all bundled up. He also bought her some winter clothes perfect for walking in the snow and they enjoy their walk through the winter wonderland. Their time is magical but like frosty the snowman, it melts when the heroine gets a call from a woman who states that she's the hero's fiancee. The heroine tries to break off their relationship and leave but the hero stops her and explains that the OW on the phone isn't his fiancee anymore. As in, before they met, the hero broke the engagement because the woman was only after him for his money. The two talk it out and change travel plans for fun. Yet, the hero gets a call from the OW and goes to see her. Fearful of what may happen, the heroine follows him and sees them looking into each other's eyes. Remembering her husband's betrayal causes her to run away from the hero who chases after her. He states that she's the one he loves and he couldn't stop the ex from grabbing him and kissing him before he could push her away. The heroine doesn't need an explanation because him running after her was enough and she proclaims her love for the hero. We end with them kissing in the snow.

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