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When a strange man pursues Sanchia, naturally she runs away. Offended, he asks why she would run from him. Apparently his name is Alex Saber, he’s a lawyer...and he’s her lover! But Sanchia, having lost two years’ worth of memories in an accident, doesn’t recognize Alex. She explains this to him, and he insists he wants to help her get her memories back.Sanchia welcomes his help, but for some reason she’s also scared. What is it about Alex that makes her so uneasy?

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becky's comment - April 7th, 2017

A heroine with 2 years memory lost. It is interesting to read as to find out what happened in that 2 years and who the handsome man infront of her actually is.

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Regaining her past 3  3

The heroine has been suffering amnesia since the incident two years ago and has been found by the hero who states they were lovers. Curious about her past and the connection to the handsome stranger, the heroine goes out with him. Slowly the heroine learns about the hero's family like dead parents, dead stepbrother, and stepmother is a wanderer that he can't locate. What I liked is reading how the heroine is observing the hero as he speaks, seeing that he is hesitant to certain things. When she sees the picture of the swan, pain from her memories trying to resurface but nothing happens. So, the hero suggests taking the heroine to a psychologist in the tropics to help her in regaining her lost memories. We then learn that the hero and hero had some problems in the past but the hero doesn't specify on what they were. Now, with the memories trying to resurface, the heroine is cold and hot to the hero, which frustrates the hero. The heroine's dreams indicates that she's either lost something or can't find it. Finally, the OW appears to rip the heroine and hero apart. The cruel OW reveals about the heroine's past, especially about the heroine's baby. Then it all comes back to her. The hero and heroine met after the hero's step-brother (who was engaged to the heroine) died in an accident. The two of them never knew each other because of the strained relationship between the hero and brother. Both are torn up in grief and extreme attraction to each that they have intercourse, leading to conception of their baby. The hero learns of the heroine's relationship with his brother and the whole thing goes south because he believes she was messing around and pushes him to marry her. The OW didn't take the news so well and took every opportunity to drive a wedge between the hero and heroine. It's not like she needed to work that much in order for them to break up. The two of them never thought to sit down and write out their feelings or sit down with each other to lay down the major issues they feel with the present relationship. Sadly, the heroine lost the baby and atmosphere was cold that she ran away, got hit by a car, and lost her memories. The heroine just fights the hero at every turn till it's too late. It takes an old friend for the heroine to realize what she is truly losing. The heroine goes to the first place the two of them met and we have the two of them open up over their fears and desires from years past to present. It was nice read for me.

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