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Anna runs a catering business while pregnant to support her family after her father was a failure in his business. She freezes at a client’s party when she finds the man who is the last person in the world she wants to see. “Why is the cruel devil Francesco here?” He is the father of her baby. They met and captivated each other in Italy on vacation. But all of a sudden, he left her with cruel words! Francesco turns his hateful eyes toward Anna. “How could he look at me like this after everything that happened?”

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not a lot of communication 3  3

I really didn't feel one of my big elements of romance was in this story, which held me back from giving it a higher score. We have the hero and heroine who are together for a short period of passionate love and lust. However, when the heroine made plans for the hero to visit and goes home to see if he's there, her father gives her a note that basically says that the hero wants nothing to do with her. We have a time-skip of where the heroine is eight months pregnant and runs into the hero again but is surprised to find him at a high society gathering since she met him pulling in fishing boats. They don't talk till hours after the party ends and it's the usual spat. Now, one would think that I would get tired of this replay of, "is it mine?" "Let me go!" "You're the only one I have been with.". I wasn't tired from this particular communication exchange but was the lack of communication between the two. The hero pressures the heroine to live at his fancy mansion and after dropping her off, disappears into work for two weeks. I don't understand this man because I know that he suffers from a long line of less than model women in his life but I would think that if the man cared a lot about his child then he would try to figure out if the woman carrying his child would be considered a good figure. Not only that, but the heroine only does slightly better than the hero but there are her flaws: she doesn't sit down with the hero to have a talk about their child like where to go to school, how much are you going to be involved, and such. My goodness, after the baby is born and the heroine gets a call from her parents that they are giving up their family home, she starts packing and plans to see them. Yet, she doesn't even say that to the hero but says, " I can't live like this." What do you mean live like this?? You are just going to see your parents?! The hero and heroine have to learn about each other from other members of their family; for example, the heroine learns from the incredibly caring sister-in-law that the hero suffers from the pain of having their mother's abandonment and having gold-diggers going after his money through him. The other example is the heroine's father admitting to the hero that the heroine had no idea of the loan request to the hero. Yet, instead of sitting down and seeking the truth, they have sex. By this time, I am tired of the no verbal communication. It wasn't exactly an interesting book for me.

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