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Ana, a New York lawyer, is on her way to Rome. Her father has asked her to go, saying that the infamous Prince Draco Vatenti has been using her mother’s property illegally. Unfortunately, she is unable to get a first-class seat at the airport, but she sees a man who has taken two of them for himself. Ana asks him give up one of his seats, but this man is as infuriating as he is stylish and sexy! He refuses Ana’s plea, saying he has no interest in sitting next to the likes of her…then he suddenly kisses her! Just who does this bully think he is?

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The hero and heroine are heading to Italy to face each other off in a legal suit for property that the heroine's father(a mafia head honcho) wants the hero's family property by using his wife's family name and background as reason for cause. The hero and heroine meet for the first time and they don't get along because the hero reserved a bunch of empty seats in the first class. I agree with the hero on the heroine not asking politely. She needs first class for their power outlets but the hero won't budge until they're on the plane and the heroine is suffering from dealing with bad seat mates. The hero gets her out of that situation and they converse on better terms. They get along until the hero tries to plant a kiss on the heroine and she runs back to her first seat. They don't meet again until their meeting as representatives against one another, leading them back to square one of insulting and baiting one another. Their irritation of each other is so strong that it crosses over into passion because when the hero goes to confront the heroine, they fall into bed. Then the two of the go out to see the property, where the heroine learns of the history of the place and its importance to the hero. She also see the land has no value to her father, only to make the hero more miserable. She gets mad at her father for the hero's sake but the hero reassures her and wants her to stay with him for a week. Although, the hero secretly plans to have the heroine headhunted and brought to his location in the US, so they can be together. He intends to do this, while keeping it a secret from her. Bad idea because the heroine is positively livid when she finds out. He tries to explain but his actions remind her of her domineering father and his ironclad hold over her mother. This causes the heroine to run away from the hero. A month passes and the hero is only able to find the heroine when he runs into her brothers at a club. The hero states his intentions to marry the heroine in front of her brothers. The brothers give their blessings to the man and the hero and heroine meet again. The hero and heroine talk out their feelings and we get our happy ending with a wedding.

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