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For appearances’ sake, Grace became engaged to Lucian St. Claire, the second son of the St. Claire family. Soon after their betrothal, rumors begin to circulate among the aristocracy in London: they say Grace tricked Lucian into engagement so she could marry her way into money! Lucian and Grace make a public show of affection, hoping to save their respective reputations, but after Grace’s uncle dies suddenly, Lucian grows distant. Is he having second thoughts about their loveless marriage just when Grace has come to love him for real? The thrilling conclusion to this 19th-century love story!

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getting to know you, while you're engaged. 4  4

We come back to the Uncle's collapse and tensions are raised mainly caused by the stupid younger brother. The uncle sadly doesn't make it and more rumors spread about how when the other brother arrived, the uncle died fairly soon after. A funeral comes with family drama over who has the authority pops up. It turns out that instead of the younger brother, it's the other brother who becomes head of the family as well as head of the family's money. Things become stranger with the hero's distant manner when he tries to comfort the heroine, his suggestion to postpone the wedding (no surprise there), and his sudden departure for London. The heroine has to deal with a tangled webs of her family with a grieving aunt, new cousin who seems nice but can't seem to make head or tails of him, and our black widow who has woven the web himself: the younger brother. My goodness, you can't get a sincerely nice word out of him. After she hears no word from the hero, she decides to take it upon herself to go see him directly. She's able to learn from the hero's sister that the hero's been investigating for the other brother. When the hero comes back, the heroine asks the hero if he still intends to marry her and what led him to build a wall around his heart. The hero opens up to the heroine about what happened during his battles and unfortunately, he lashes out against the heroine. His words match what the younger brother says and the heroine tells him that she's dissolving their engagement. She comes back to find the younger brother was attacked and rumors pop out about how it must have been the other brother who inured him. Later on, she hears the sound of a gunshot and finds the younger brother pointing a revolver at the other brother who's grasping his bleeding arm. The younger brother tried to killed the other brother in order to get his hands on the family fortune. The heroine fights him as he attempts to shoot again but the hero swoops in. He reveals that they have not only evidence to convict the younger brother of attempted murder but also of murdering the other brother's wife. The constables take the horrible younger brother away and thermos die down. The hero, heroine and other brother sit down to clear things up then the other brother gives the hero and heroine some alone time. The hero confesses that he's in love with the heroine and she admits her feelings as well. It's a happy ending for all.

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