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Joe owns a chain of steak restaurants. One day, he finds Marley dealing with car trouble in the middle of a snow storm and helps her out. She invites him into her house, and the two of them find that they like each other. Unfortunately, they are both dealing with childhood traumas that keep their relationship from going any further. When Joe finds out that Marley is a big name in the child psychology community, he seeks her help with a summer camp he runs. Will this give them the chance they need to get closer, or will they stay stuck right where they are?

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She doesn't have short hair 4  4

Seriously!!! I don't know what went through the artist's head when they drew the front page then the rest of the book but the artist has made it appear that the heroine has ultra short hair but in the book, she's the cousin to Rapunzel. Good, my little rant is over. The heroine is a child psychologist who happens to run into the hero being the good Samaritan and helping the heroine through the snow. Just when the heroine is making headway down the street, the car slips on the ice and bumps a tree. So, the hero tows her car to her place. During the ride, they strike up a fun and awkard conversation. The hero is a owner to a steakhouse chain and the heroine is a vegetarian. They get to the heroine's house and end up playing cards using the candy from the heroine's jar for kids as chips, talking about themselves (the hero tells her things that he never told anyone) until the power comes back on. The next time they meet is when the hero goes to ask the heroine to help them with a summer camp that he sponsors, using the factor of him helping her as leverage. The heroine handles the kids well and gets a little mischief on the side when she gives the hero the same rewards of toy spiders & hair clips. The two of them are incredibly attracted to each other and start going out to dinner and unsure of what do with these feelings. For the heroine, she's getting over the pain of having her engagement broken and feels unattractive and for the hero, he's never felt like this before, so it's all new territory for him. The two start going out and there's an interesting section when the heroine pushes the hero to go to a award ceremony for his contribution to the community and he'll go on the condition that she goes. The heroine agrees but arrives late when traffic and weather is terrible and she runs to the place in the rain. The hero is awed by her determination to keep her promise that resulted in her looking like a wet cat. The hero takes off his coat and puts it on her then he takes her home and have a special night. The hero realizes what's been missing in his life is the heroine and he tries to spend as much time as possible with her. It's quite fun watching them talk and the heroine brings up the subject of kids that the hero isn't up to par with having his own, considering he didn't have a dad and his mom was working two jobs, so he thinks he won't be a good dad. The heroine tries to reassure him but to no avail. The heroine goes to a conference and after a couple of days of contact from her, the hero starts to get worried. He goes to her house and finds her there. After hugging her and exclaiming how worried he was, she confesses that she found out that she is pregnant. The conversation doesn't really go south, just at a blank because the hero is stunned by the news. The hero is at a crossroads because he misses having the heroine at his side then realizes that since she's going to keep the kid then she'll become a single mother like his. This spurs to run after the heroine and he tells her that he misses her and the reason of not responding was because he was at a loss since he was raised by a single mother who worked up until she died for him. The heroine misses the first part of missing her and states the hero can be a dad to the kid but there's no need to get married for financial reasons because she's a well-known child psychologist & has a stable job at the university as a professor. The hero doesn't know what to do and decides to go back to his childhood friends at a party for advice. The hero reveals to them of how poor he really was but they reveal that they knew all along and the hero opens up about his situation to the friend. The friend uses his own relationship with the woman he married (WHO HAS SHORT HAIR like the one on the front cover!!) and describes her as one of the most important things in his life. He asks the hero what he feels when he thinks of the heroine. After a week of radio silence from the hero, the heroine decides to go see the hero but gets in a car crash. The hero gets a call from the hospital because the heroine put him down as her emergency contact and he rushes to the hospital in a frenzy. Luckily, everyone is fine and the two see the ultrasound of the baby together. It's quite a sweet moment and they have a talk about their feelings and reasons for hesitating. We have a cute ending with the hero and the heroine living in the hero's house that faces the Rocky mountains and an adorable little boy in their arms.

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