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The moment the lightning flashed, Princess Chantal saw the sensational eyes of her bodyguard, and her body felt electrified. The royal private jet landed safely on a small island, and the two were alone. He touched her skin only to check for injuries…but his fingers stimulated Chantal’s emotions, which she had tucked away since the death of her husband. “There’s no one here,” her bodyguard seductively whispered… The princess could not resist and finally crossed the line! But she never could’ve imagined the cruelty that ensued...

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too much things happening 3  3

okay, there were so many things happening, between the heroine's problems and the hero's problems, it's a wonder how they found the time to fall in love with each other... but this is harlequin so they did. although they were both great characters individually. the heroine did the best she could under the circumstances she was in. same for the hero, who proctered all the way; they definitly deserved their happy ending!

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crappy in-laws 3  3

This story was okay and fine.. I mean the hero was great and the heroine was the best she could be under the circumstances of suffering domestic abuse by her husband, harassment and threats by her in-laws, and then there's the stalker who's been trying to kill her. I really, the woman must have an iron stomach to hold it all. The hero was hired by the heroine's new brother-in-law, the man she was supposed to marry but her sister went to to inspect him and two ended up falling in love and got married. The hero and heroine share an amazing time together but the dark cloud called the retired King and Dowager Queen threats of losing her daughter to them looms over her happiness. I mean the woman couldn't sneeze unless they said yes and if she did then they would take away the daughter. However, the heroine and hero share a hot moment that ends in fear because the heroine is pregnant, which will destroy her chance of very being with her daughter again. However, I really liked how the hero doesn't give up and does everything he can to help the heroine be with her daughter and fight the in-laws. Then they return to country the heroine was married into and the hero realizes that the stalker was the heroine's driver and in protecting her life, he had to use a gun. This act, despite being the heroine's bodyguard to protect with evidence that the stalker was going to hurt her didn't matter because he was thrown in jail by again the crappy in-laws. These people don't care about the heroine's life or how it looks with them prisoning the man who saved the country's princess and mother to the only heir. However, the heroine is finally able to find bravery in herself to stand up against her in-laws and has a shotgun wedding with the hero. They spread it all over the papers to gain sympathy from the common folk who find the whole thing absolutely romantic. The horrible in-laws make their stand on how the heroine will never see their daughter again and how swoops in like superman but it comes in threes with the hero and the heroine's sister and brother in law who have some very interesting information. All the threats of taking away the daughter are null because the daughter has to be the legitimate heir but she's not. In fact, the heroine's first husband was married and never divorced from his first marriage to a common woman who had a baby boy with him years before the heroine came into the picture. So, the marriage to the heroine is void and they're taking the little girl. The whole situation paralyzes the King and Queen with fear that their actions have led them to losing their granddaughter but also losing their son major suffering. The heroine feels pity for the poor man for being forced away from his beloved but I have no sympathy because the man could have renounced his right to the throne to make his stand, never should have blamed the heroine for his parent's crummy actions, and beaten her. It didn't matter if he regretted it after beating her because he never stopped till the day he died. The grandparents beg the heroine to let them be a part of the granddaughter's life and she lets them as a sign of forgiveness.After arriving on the hero's private home, the two share a special moment with each other and we have a wonderful ending with all three enjoying the beach and life.

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the story is so-so 2  2

not good enough like "the sultan's bought bride". idk maybe it was bc about abusive first marriage, but nevertheless it's so-so. too much intense wannabe moment but it kinda ruined the story (too much exclamation moment too). but the art is good :\

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