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Sadie is not happy to run into her ex-fiancée, Nikos. Five years earlier, their union was supposed to end the two families’ long-running rivalry. However, just before the wedding, Sadie’s family business failed, everything went to shambles and now she and her family are about to be kicked out of their house—a property owned by Nikos. In order to protect her agoraphobic mother and her little brother, Sadie is on a mission to beg Nikos to allow her family to keep the house.But what will Nikos ask in return?

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becky's comment - April 21st, 2017

A typical greek hero who is arrogant and dominant. There are many talking scenes between heroine and hero but they just can't be true to themselves and communication just always doesn't seem to go well...

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eavesdropping and lies 3  3

You know, I can never understand why some harlequin heroines lie about not marrying the hero or being with the hero. They come up with these lies about loving OM, only wanting the hero for money, or not loving him because he didn't have money, etc. These women set themselves up to look like horrible women and give the hero a reason to be angry at them. It makes them look loose and worse, things that aren't them. Why can't they ever say, "I'm not marrying you because I heard you say this," or " I have proof that you're not marrying me for love,". It would feel so much better to tell the truth and have the hero feel guilty rather than lie and let him fuel a grudge that goes on for five years. It would be so much more simpler if they did but NOOOOO. They just like to make it complicated like this one. The hero and heroine are in a relationship similar to Romeo and Juliet with rival families and companies. The two are so love, they decide to get married. However, the heroine overhears the hero saying that once he puts his ring on her finger then her family will have to surrender to his and how he becomes distant. The heroine is so distraught by the whole thing of being used that she cancels the engagement and lies to the hero as to why she did it. The whole thing only fuels the fire of hatred between two families till after five years, the heroine had to go to the hero to ask mercy on her mother and brother since their family has finally been taken over by the hero's family. the hero lists the usual conditions of heroines being humiliated when they either humiliated or broke the hero's heart (he's having her plan his wedding). I did like that we get to see both thoughts and perspectives from her and heroine. They head to his island to plan for the wedding but the heroine doesn't get to met his fiancee because the hero wants to protect her. During their time together, the hero reveals that it's the heroine that he's marrying and she's the only woman he's ever wanted to marry. He lied in order to get the heroine there and they have a special night that ends when the hero gets a call and the caller asks who's more important than the caller and the hero has to answer that no one is more important than the caller in front of the heroine who's deeply hurt over his words. They have a lot of bumps rooting from the both of them not trusting each other, especially when the paparazzi come into play.They have a lot of family secrets that pop up and as well more history that shows why the feud continued one when it was only their great grandparents who started this fight. With everything in the past that comes out, the misunderstandings are finally brought to light and the hero and heroine sees that the other loves them very much. The hero asks the heroine to marry him the traditional with one knee and all. The heroine happily accepts and they have a nice wedding.

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