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When Daisy happens to run into her first love, a young and charismatic entrepreneur named Justice, she learns that he has lost some of his memories to an accident…so the two of them try to make up for lost time by sharing a night of passion. Soon afterward, however, Justice recovers some of his memories and accuses Daisy of being a thieving seductress! He goes on to tell her exactly what tore them apart the first time around. Wracked by guilt, Daisy goes crying into the night—she’ll never be able to get Justice out of her heart.

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3 and 1/2 stars 4  4

I liked this one because of its uniqueness, even though it did have some of the things within it that usually bother me quite a bit I was able to get past it and enjoy the story. The characters were for the most part cute... though I didn't particularly like that the girl lied about her age or the guy pretended that he was fooled, it's something that happens often. I lied about my age when I was younger too. The truth is even a man of average intelligence would be able to tell if a girl was underage... yet this man not only was extremely smart from an early age but lived with the 15-year-old girl as a foster child... it is completely ridiculous to believe he was tricked... even if he was of average intelligence or didn't live with her, he would have been able to tell she was younger if he wanted to know the truth. Now am I blaming him for her lie? No, they are both equally at fault for their tryst but as a man of 18, he should have known better and to put it on her exclusively was not okay. He made his choices. He chooses to ignore the likelihood that she was lying about her age. He gambled and ended up with the consequences for his actions... now, the father was horrible for extorting him. The girl snuck into a lecture without paying so she could see him, showing she had no thoughts about other people who actually decided to honestly pay money and she didn't seem to be hurting for money at that period in time she sold children's books. After their tryst as adults that got her pregnant, she only re-contacted him because her child was showing an intelligence level that she couldn't keep up with. She somehow took on a foster child without having enough money a 2nd parent and was now struggling because she had stopped writing children's books cause now apparently she had lost her ability to draw. So she shows up at random at his house a year after the baby was born with a foster child and what can only be described as a maid even though she claims to be struggling which means it makes no sense that she would have enough money to employ one. The guy isn't upset about any of this... not telling him about the pregnancy, her expecting to live there, her pretty much asking him to marry her. It's insane. Her profession of love to him included her telling him that they would all change to fit his desires and needs... people don't work that way. All those things are big issues for me and things that tend to upset me. Still, even with all these issues. I was still able to enjoy the story. The guy was unique for a harlequin character, the girl was ditsy and stupid but didn't run away when she was living with him and had a kid with him. Something that is common for many harlequin female characters which was refreshing. The characters interactions and were awkward but they had an interesting dynamic which I enjoyed if for nothing else but the novelty of it. The ending was cute and some of the secondary characters ended up being very interesting and likable. So, in the end, I was glad I read it and would suggest it to others who want to read a Harlequin that is different from the norm.

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