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Tess and Rafe are childhood friends. They’ve never really seen each other as more than that in the past (well, almost never). When Tess returned to her hometown as a single parent, Rafe, despite being very surprised, was there to support the two of them as a friend. Until, one night, everything changes. A distraught Tess has been told that her son may be taken away from her, and Rafe is there to comfort her. And in doing so he comes to the realization that he wants to be more than just friends. Can he be the man Tess and her child deserve?

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The hero and heroine have been friends since they were kids and stayed close up until she surprises him by coming back to their hometown with a baby in tow. It's been a year now and when the hero comes to the heroine's house for to bring an animal. It takes one bottle of homemade wine for the hero to reveal of his relationship with a married woman who didn't know was married at first but wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. However, she didn't and she dumped now. Now, this information has the heroine's lips loosen and she reveals her own shocking news. Apparently, the little baby is the heroine's niece's baby who didn't have a job when she was pregnant and the heroine offered to take care of the baby. The deal was made and after a year of little to no visits from the niece even after she makes a career, suddenly she's coming to visit and take the little boy back with her with her new fiancée. The heroine has no claim because no papers were signed. The hero is amazed over the heroine's selflessness but angry over the niece's selfishness. He strongly supports the heroine being the mother figure in the little boy's life with a force of emotion from the fact that his mother abandoned him. The heroine realizes quickly from the hero's words over his father & flashbacks from her childhood of the hero wearing long sleeves and a back covered in bruises that he was abused as a child by his own father. The heroine is furious over this realization, yet the hero calms her down. The whole confession from one another leaves them so tired that they fall asleep. The next morning has the heroine irritable and there are some words said but when the niece comes by, the hero builds up the heroine's confidence. The niece comes in a huff because she dented her fiancée's car on the narrow road, not even I'm sorry passes through her lips. She's shocked at the hero's presence at and acts snobbish about it all and here is what I loved about the heroine next. When the niece says she wants the little boy cleaned, the heroine replies, "There are diapers and clean clothes in the next room, ". I LOVED IT! She didn't back down and let the niece know that if she's going to take care of the baby then she's is do the diapers. She did choose a nice fiancée because he goes with her to help with the changing. Now, when the niece are about to go, she catches the heroine in the kitchen and to say a few things. She acts she knows how hard it is for the heroine to lose the baby and that she'll have her own one day. Then makes a snide remark, "Oh, you can't have children, ". Someone take a slipper and slap her because she just insulted the woman who's been taking care of your baby without any help from you!! YOU (the niece) got pregnant at a young age, went to the heroine for help who took you in, protected you from the gossipy gaby's and nosey nancys ( no offense meant for anyone whose first name is one of the two), took care of your child without your help of any kind, and you have the gaul to hurt the woman with knowledge that she's unable to have children!!! Luckily, the hero overhears and shuts the niece up and down, who runs off in fear. The hero confronts the heroine on her infertility and he's such a sweetheart. He gets mad for the heroine when he finds out the man who was dating the heroine at the time she found out and told him left her, he comforted her when she got upset, and more. In fact, the two of them spend the weekend together happily. It goes well till they get a call that the niece and baby have been in an accident. The hero asks what blood type to help the little boy and discovers it's his own, which is a rare blood type. The hero is able to put two and two together and finds out that the baby is his nephew from his older philandering brother. He's pretty mad over the news and goes to the grandfather to demand an explanation. There's a fight between, especially over the fact that the grandfather knew his son was abusing the hero. The hero reveals of the baby's paternity and when the hero runs back to the hospital to give blood with the grandfather not far behind. The grandfather demands the heroine give up rights to the baby to let him take care of him but the heroine fights back by saying how can she let that baby go to a family that abuses their children. This obviously hits the home run in the hurt department for the grandfather but I don't feel sorry and I even feel ticked when he tries to justify his actions, but the heroine shuts his excuses quick. What's more is when the heroine talks to the niece, the niece admits that she's not ready to be a mom and wants to give the baby to the heroine, she will even sign the papers. However, the grandfather is serious about taking the little boy, so the hero comes up with the solution for the two of them to marry to keep the baby out of the grandfather's reach . The heroine reaches but there bumps in the road; for example, two months after agreeing to marry, the heroine goes to see the hero at his place in London. The problem is, she sees him with his ex-girlfriend who's hugging him, saying she made a mistake, and such. The whole situation causes the heroine to run away and into the grandfather who wants to talk with her. The heroine goes with the grandfather but once they reach their destination, the hero comes barreling in with his car, jumping out, and demanding to know where they're going. The hero explains what really happen and admits that the one he's in love with is the heroine herself. We get a little scare when the hero saves the grandfather who falls into the lake and the heroine faints when she sees them. They wake up in the hospital with news of the heroine's impending motherhood. The two of them are happy over the news and become even more happy. At the scene of their wedding, the niece actually says thank you to the heroine for taking care of the baby and the heroine forgives her. It was good book to read.

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