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Allegra lost her newborn baby and barely held on to her own life in a car accident. She spent six months in England for treatment without regaining any recollections of the accident, but her husband, Miguel, never came to visit her, maybe because he was too busy managing his business empire based in Mexico. She returns to Mexico to find out what really happened to her only to have Miguel accuse her of cheating on him. And without her memories, how is she to defend herself?

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learning the truth 3.5 4  4

The hero and heroine's marriage was dissolved over misguidance and misunderstandings. The heroine gets into an accident that results in her losing not only her newborn baby daughter but also the chance of having any more children. This is in Mexico but she's flown to England for surgery and where her family (her only family is her uncle) is. During this time, her husband (the hero) doesn't see her at all and sends her divorce papers. Her uncle encourages her to sign them, noting how the heroine was horribly mistreated and how the hero never came to see her in the six months she was in the hospital. Their whirlwind romance ended sadly but old wound reappear when the heroine has to go back to Mexico to get answers on how her baby died. The hero comes into the home like a raging bull, throwing accusations about how the uncle said she had a lover and encouraged him to sign the divorce papers. The heroine tells him about being in the hospital, which surprises him because he never knew and he still believes that she was running off with her lover (her bodyguard, according to hero's stepmother) & stole family heirloom jewelry. The heroine can't remember any of this because she is still suffering from amnesia from the car accident. The hero wants revenge for his wife not being there for him for those six months and makes her go out into public with him, dangling the chance for the heroine to see her baby's grave. The heroine complies and they go into their agreement a week before their divorce is finalized. After that night, the heroine and hero go to the hero's family home where the stepmother is waiting with teeth bared. I was happy that the hero comforted the heroine when she was weeping over the baby's grave. It was interesting to see them struggle with their feelings for one another and uncertainty on how to deal with the present situation. The heroine goes to the hero where they deliver supplies for aid and they learn some shocking news. The heroine was a regular visitor of the particular village with helping and teaching, one day a villager witnessed the heroine in a hit and run and the car deliberately hit her. The hero starts questioning his stepmother's story of how the baby girl was found dead in her crib and not killed by the forced impact of a car. A flashback causes the heroine to remember that the driver of the hit and run was her bodyguard who was using the village as a cover for human trafficking. When the heroine found out, he threatened to kill the baby girl but the heroine still tried to escape from him with her baby. They are also able to find the missing jewelry and the only person who could have done this is the stepmother. Her reason is her obsession for the hero's family name, which stems from losing her son, the hero's half-brother in a kidnapping. She has always blamed the hero because he went out with his brother and he was the one who survived but the kidnappers killed his brother. The hero apologizes to the heroine and confronts the stepmother on her actions. The woman admits it all but doesn't feel the slightest hint of guilt. So, the hero leaves the family home to her and cuts all ties with her. The hero runs back to the heroine and confesses that he's still in love with the heroine. The heroine answers the same and she calls her uncle to get the truth who allowed the stepmother to tell such an awful lie about the heroine having a lover, so the heroine could be free and heal. Personally, I would have yes to the divorce but I would have never gone along with the idea of the lying about my relative being an adulteress. The hero and heroine overcome their obstacles and a year later, are blessed with a baby boy.

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