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Interior designer Katie is working at Count Giovanni’s estate in Tuscany. Since losing his wife a few years ago, the count has gained a reputation as a philanderer. But since Katie isn’t interested in workplace romantic entanglements, she decides his personal life is no business of hers. Until he kisses her at a party! Just one kiss is enough to entrance her, but will it be enough to change her life?

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There's a difference between being healthy and being anorexic 3  3

The hero and heroine's relationship start off as purely business professional with the heroine given the opportunity to work in the private home of a recluse tycoon as the interior decorator. However, their interactions with one another light a spark in the hero that hasn't been lit in a long time. The heroine is invited by the butler as the hero's replacement for a party and even offers her a gown of the late countess ( the hero's dead wife) and we are given a vast difference between how the heroine looks in the dress and how the countess looked in the dress. There is such a huge difference, the dress looks beautiful, slimming, and lovely on the heroine's body but on the countess's skeleton body from overly harsh diet of eating nothing with tissues stuffed into the pectoral area, the dress looks like a curtain sheet hanging around the woman's body. Back to the present, the heroine displays acts of protective instinct (jealously) when the heroine is surrounded by various numbers of men with the label of playboy written on their faces. The two of them talk and kiss but the heroine rejects going any further because she's afraid of ending up like her mother who hunted for men, while married and hunger for material gain is never sated. Shoot! The heroine has to pay the bills because the mother wants a big screen tv, new clothes every week, etc. Another party pops up with the heroine at the hero's side, instead of rejecting the hero's advances and flirts, the heroine eagerly welcomes them into her bosom. They spend a passionate one time night only and she leaves the next morning but the hero leaves because the hero brought up the word "mistress" in their after sex conversation. The heroine throws herself into work, collapses right at the hero's feet, and thinks its exhaustion from work when she has to finalize the project with the hero at his villa. However, it seems that their last encounter had a surprise package for the both of them. The hero is angry because he thinks that the heroine got pregnant in order to make him marry her and tells her that they'll be married for the baby's sake. What I couldn't believe is the heroine didn't fight back against the hero's demand for marriage but went right along with it. The hero isn't so happy over the arrangement because he thinks the heroine married him for his benefits and all that. The heroine confronts the hero and we have a huge argument but some compliments thrown in like the hero saying how beautiful the heroine looked in the dress. The heroine reassures him that she's alive and well but she suddenly feels a stabbing pain in her stomach. They rush her to the hospital and everything is fine. That little scare gives the hero the push to admit his feelings for the heroine and they kiss and make up. There is a scene at the end with a little baby.

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