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Stella Greco’s child, Nicky, is the result of artificial insemination. Stella has no intention of ever bringing the anonymous donor, or any father for that matter, into their lives. Unfortunately, the anonymous donor is Vasco Montoya, King of Montmajor, who is eager to seize this chance to continue his family line without being forced into a marriage. He wants his son in Montmajor, and Stella isn’t willing to give up her child. To compromise, Vasco invites Stella to work restoring ancient texts in the palace library for a month, so she can see what life would be like for her and Nicky. Neither of them ever expected to fall in love, but then, loving a royal isn’t easy.

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He's a king, so private info gets out of the window (duh) 5  5

She's a beauty and just wants a baby, not a man (go gilr!) so she get herself one. A biking sperm donor king's one. And he appears when she gets jobless and lures her to his homecountry with a dream job ('cause timing -and weird friends- are important here)

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three something 4  4

I had fun with the number three because of how many times 1 goes to 2 and then 3. The heroine has had a baby from a sperm donor from a man who wanted to tick off his royal family by having his sperm donated to a fertility company run by a college mate. However, it's one surprise after another because the heirs to the throne get killed, leaving the hero as the next ruler and his finds out that his sperm was successful in helping bring a little boy into the the world. So, now he wants to help connect with that little boy and make him his heir to the throne. However, the heroine is having none of it until she loses her job and the hero provides her with another. Now, this is where the number three becomes funny for me. In the castle with all the knights and maids lives the 3 old aunts of the hero and I have so many different names for them like the Wyrd sisters from Macbeth, the 3 fates from Greek mythology, etc. It was just fun. They don't like the heroine because of how the little boy came to be and the fact of the heroine's upbringing. They are like little crows caawing. What I liked is how the hero and heroine challenge each other at every turn. They both don't want to get married but they one makes the other doubt about their values and desires. The hero doesn't want to get married but wants a physical relationship with the heroine, unlike the heroine. Now this is what I liked about the two characters is their bravery through armor. I literally mean armor. There is a ball going on at the palace and the hero sends the heroine a beautiful ball gown but the heroine doesn't want the dress because of what it states. So, the ball is going on and the hero is waiting for the heroine in a medieval noble's clothes and his son is following along. Who makes an entrance into the ballroom but the heroine, coming like Joan of Arc. The archivist of a heroine is walking towards the hero in a suit of knight body armor. This shocks crowds, makes the old biddies faint, and brings a smile to the hero's face. Then something really stupid happens. The heroine is talking about her relationship with a friend, who has children. The woman brings up by revealing the little boy's actual conception to the press and make the hero confess his actual feelings. The heroine denounces it but the woman still does it and I found it to be one of the stupidest things ever. Let us just forget that the this is all a ploy to get the hero to confess his feelings. When you leak private information to the press about your friend and the little boy whom you have raised with your children, would it not occur to one that can be twisted by the people who say them. She thought that she was doing herself a favor but it was actually one of the dumbest things because of what they say about the little boy, the heroine, and the hero. In fact, it buries whatever spark they had coming. It just goes down hill. Hurt, by recent events, the heroine and it begins to go uphill when the hero realizes how much he can't live without her and decides to prove himself by going after her in a suit of armor. The confession was really sweet and I liked the ending. I was just really ticked at the heroine's friend for not thinking of the worst case scenarios for leaking information to the stink in' Paparazzi!

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