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Ali’s goal is buying a house to make her mother happy, which is why she became a model—to earn her nest egg. One day, she receives news that her uncle died and left his estate to her! There’s one condition she has to meet, which is that she must marry within a month of his death. She decides a marriage of convenience is the answer, so she proposes a deal to window cleaner Jethro. He then gives her a piercing stare, looking totally different from his usual sweet self, and she wonders who he really is.

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I give it a 4.5 good art and I like that the misunderstandings are believable and not super coincidental that could only be found in books or movie dramas. The story line is a little bit cliché with the man pretending to be someone he isn't because he wants people to stop seeing him for his money. The heroin offers the hero $100,000 to marry her for a year so she can inherit her uncle's estate. The hero who is pretending to be a window washer accepts the deal since he finds it interesting. On their honeymoon they go to one of the hero's villa. The hero tells the heroin that it is his friend, James's villa. The hero tells his past as if it is Jame's story. The heroin asks the hero if James is married. The hero thinks she is trying to marry rich and gets upset. The heroin was just wanting to know if Jame's found happiness since she can relate to to "Jame"'s story. They get over the misunderstanding after the heroin tells the hero about her family's past. I love how the heroin's past, I feel like it is one of the most original ones I have seen in a harlequin book. Her uncle inherited an estate but didn't like the countryside so he made her parents live their. The uncle wanted to drive away his brother (the heroin's father) since they were both in love with the heroin's mother. After the uncle got married, his wife wanted the estate and kicked them out. Her father kills himself leaving a scar on her and her mother's heart. The uncle offered the heroin's mother to let her stay in the estate as his mistress. They haven't really talked to the uncle since. The heroin wants the estate for her mother since she knows she wants to live there again. Finding out her story, the hero starts to feel bad and no longer finds this a love game. He becomes afraid of telling the heroin the truth in fear of her losing trust in him. The one thing I didn't like about this novel was, When she eventually founds out the truth, she is totally okay with it. It seemed unrealistic and I wanted to yell. She forgave him too easily. I would of been more okay with it if she had been more doubtful and not believed him so easily. I mean I would eventually believe the hero and forgive him but not right away. I never found the hero dislikable, he just had times when he wasn't sure what to do. I liked the heroin, she wasn't a complete air head model. I found her honesty quite cute.

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