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After the death of her mother, Izzy finally learns the truth behind her birth. Deep in despair, she is captivated by a man named Roman, and they spend the night together. However, the next morning he disappears, and their brief romance ends there. A year later, the two meet again by coincidence. Izzy is beautiful as always, but she is now carrying a baby in her arms. Roman assumes that after spending the night with him, she went and had another man’s baby. And for some reason, he finds he resents her for this. Soon, however, he starts to harbor doubts… Is it just Roman, or does the baby bear more than a passing resemblance to him?

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one night stand 3  3

The hero and heroine are two wounded souls who share a passionate night but don't learn each other's names or leave the other person their contact information and separate the next morning. They meet again two years later at the heroine's brother's wedding and the hero sees a little girl in the heroine's arms whose facial features match his when he was the child's age. He tells the heroine they need to meet and the next day, they meet at the park. The hero confesses to be a father is shocking because he was told by the doctors he couldn't father children. So, to know that he has a child makes him want her all the more and we have a huge fight over custody. Personally, I think the heroine overreacts because the hero says he wants to be involved in the daughter's life but the heroine takes it and turns it into him wanting to take the daughter away from her. It's ridiculous because she can't sympathize for the hero's circumstances, despite being in the similar circumstance with her recently discovered dad who found out that he had a 22 year old daughter after the heroine's mother's death. So, she takes the kid and leaves that she never wants to see him again. Plus, she thinks the hero sees the child as a product of a one night stand, disregarding the keywords he used when talking to her like "Infertile", "grateful" and the important one: "I daughter's life,". It's not a have or should but a want and will to be there for his little girl. To summarize quickly, the hero tricks the heroine into working for him on a contract and it's another fight about marriage. So, they start on odds with each other but as the first week goes by, they discover how the hero deeply cares for the little girl and try to reach a comprise. The hero learns from the heroine of how her mother committed suicide and revealed how she planned her pregnancy to the heroine who was heartbroken and while care and welcomed by her father's family, she only felt guilty. The hero also reveals the painful part of his bone cancer and the effect it had on his life. They do talk about that night and some things are revealed that led to a big misunderstanding; the hero woke up before the heroine and went to buy breakfast and bring it back but the heroine woke up after the hero left and couldn't find him anywhere. She thought that he thought it was just a one night stand and she runs away in tears. The hero comes back to an empty room and thinks the heroine thought it was just a one night stand and becomes hurt. After this misunderstanding is cleared up, they fall back into bed. Later, the hero reveals his life of being an unwanted child by his parents and he doesn't want his daughter to go through the things he did. When they start making headway, the heroine says "I love you" to the hero but he tenses up and doesn't say anything back. It sets them three steps back and the heroine thinks the hero love another woman and not her. Then she finds the little girl sick and takes her to the hospital where surgery is a immediate action to be done. She tries all the hero but when it connects, she hears the OW's voice then comes to the conclusion to the hero with the woman he loves. She relays the daughter's situation to the OW to tell the hero who is frightened and distraught at the daughter's situation. He makes it to the hospital and comes to the conclusion that the little girl died from the heroine's reaction and posture. They have an open feeling confession between the two and the heroine tells the hero that the little girl is alive. It was a very sweet ending and I did like it.

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