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Naomi, who works at an antique store, has a chance meeting at the opera house with Bran, a celebrated artist. Her older sister, Diana, urges Naomi to apply to be his personal assistant and gather information for her. Bran has a distaste for the media, and Diana is a journalist who has been searching for the inside scoop on him. Unable to turn down her beloved sister’s plea, Naomi sends Bran her résumé. She’s hired in a flash and, hounded by guilt, goes to work for him under false pretenses. And she soon learns that Bran has a horrible secret!

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guilt and blindness 4  4

The heroine is requested, begged and a little bit of sibling blackmailed by her sister to observe and look for information on the reclusive hero who where a story on him would help push forward the sister's career. The heroine applies to be his assistant to write his biography. Once, she meets with the hero, she notices peculiarities and learns the startling truth: the man has becomes blind from an accident which spells bad for a famous painter. Plus, if the media found out then they would come down on him like a pack of dogs. As the two spend time together they develop romantic feelings for each other but the heroine is afraid to act on them because of what she came to do in the first place. They share an intimate moment but it ends quickly. Still, the two are open up one at time of the relationships that burned them in the past like the heroine's boyfriend cheating and the hero's.....Then the heroine gets pressure from the sister about getting her information, putting the heroine in a bind. The hero knows the heroine is keeping him from something from him but he wants her so badly and she too that they fall into bed that night. They have the air of romantic honeymoon phase that ends when the hero is given the newspapers by his groundskeeper who reads the content, listing detailed stuff about the heroine. He has the heroine do the same who suspects her sister had already sent in the information. The hero is hurt over the heroine betrayal and after they fight, he tells her to get out of the room. The heroine leaves room, house, and hero to cry over the sister's shoulder who apologizes for the printing of the paper. A month later, the heroine is invited by her sister to fine arts fair for the sister to cover and a pottery lecture. After they arrive, separate, and the lecture ends, the heroine is seen by the hero. The hero sees her on the ground but exclaims he recognizes her from their first time at the opera. The heroine is frightened to speak since the hero would recognize her by her voice, so she tries to run away but is caught. She starts to panic but the sister steps in to reveal that she and the hero were in cahoots to bring the heroine to the fair, so she and the hero could talk. The sister reveals that the hero was trying to get in touch with the heroine but only managed to reach the sister who revealed the article was her idea. The hero accepted her apology and they worked together to bring the heroine back. The hero and heroine take drive where the hero told her that he told her to get out of the room, not house and his lie. The housekeeper gave him earful for chasing the heroine away and how honest and kind the article wrote about him. He decided to see after he got his sight back and we are back to the present with the two of them driving back to the hero's house. The two go inside and back to the activities in the bedroom. Later, the hero asks the heroine to marry him and she accepts. It was a nice harlequin and I enjoyed it.

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